My Poem to My Wife, Nancy

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We had a little disappointment when Frank’s name was not on the list for an early drop, but we knew that each day that passed would still get us closer to being together again.  Also, we knew that no matter how many days we had left of separation, nothing could change the deep love we had for each other.

Frank had turned twenty-two years old and spent his birthday in a guard tower overlooking the A Shau Valley.  The devastation of the valley that Frank saw looking down from that tower brought out deep thoughts about the Vietnam War and war in general, which he shared with me in a letter.

When I received Frank’s letter, it was as if I could see with his eyes what he had seen.  Frank appreciated the beauty of God’s creations in this world.   I remember when we were in Okinawa watching Frank climb the cliffs, stand on top of the highest one for a long time, and stare out across the China Sea as if he was taking all of the beauty into his memory never to forget.

While Frank would stand there peacefully lost in the absorption of the beauty in front of him, I would stand by his side watching his face taking a picture into my memory forever of him smiling and standing there appreciating the work of the hands of God.

Frank’s was really happy and excited in his next letter.

October 7, 1971    6:30 am

Dear Nancy,

Good Morning Darling.  It’s 6:30 am in the morning here.  We got a hum-dinger of a typhoon coming.  Edith.  What a name!  Anyway, after work yesterday, we spent the afternoon in the rain putting sand-bags on our roofs and picking up trash that might blow.  These people worry too much. It was then still 400 miles from here.  It’s expected to hit Phu Bai about 2:00 am in the morning of the 10th.

I got your package on the 4th.  Perfect timing.  I’d been down in the dumps but seeing that someone really thought of me made me realize how stupid I was.  Thank you so very much my, Darling, for everything.  I got two cards from you, one from my folks, and one from Gram the next day.

You don’t know how happy you make me, Darling.  Not with the gifts or cards but with the thoughts I know are behind them.  You don’t realize how wonderful it is to know that you’re back home and 100% behind me and are in favor of me and proud of what I am or what I do.  It gives my whole life purpose and meaning. 

You’re the greatest person in the world.  I Love You So Much!!!!!  Honey, I hope you’re birthday was happy, and I hope my card and gifts got there on time.  You deserve the best, and I only can hope that you get it.

Honey, I’m going to have to close.  I just got through working from 3:00 pm to 6:15 am, and I’m on my chow break, so I have to go back and work my regular eight-hour shift.  

Be good and remember, I love you with every part of me. May God bless you and take care of you for me.

All My Love to My Only Love,


P.S.  Hico here we come!!!!

I received my birthday gifts from Frank the day before my birthday.  I had promised  Frank not to open them until my birthday, so I kept that promise to him.

Frank sent me a beautiful wooden jewelry box.  The jewelry box is fifteen inches tall, thirteen inches wide, and eight inches deep.  It has five drawers that are lined with maroon velvet.  Some of the drawers have divisions, and some do not.  Frank also sent me a pair of jade post earrings which came in a silk pouch with a snap closure on the front of it.  I treasure these gifts from Frank and will forever.

Frank wrote me another letter dated the same as the above letter but at 8:20 pm at night.  He was on C.Q, so he typed the letter, so I will not italicize it.  This letter had a very special poem in it written by Frank to me.

October 7, 1971,    8:20 pm

Dear Nancy,

Hello there, my beautiful Wife.  How’s every little thing with you today?  I hope you are in good spirits and are feeling well.  Because I love you, and I want you well and feeling happy.  I command you to be happy.  That is a direct order.  Ha! Ha!

I guess you can tell, I am on C.Q. tonight.  Why you may ask because where else would I get a typewriter?  Well, I am, and it is about 8:20 pm at night and I am just sitting here and typing you a letter.  My typing may not be very well, but I thought it would be different for a change.

I got a picture of you today, and I must say I don’t like it.  It doesn’t show you very well.  You are too far off in the distance for me to get a good look at you?  How about letting your hair down and getting a close up of you? Pretty Please.

Now don’t misunderstand me I liked the picture, but I want one that shows your face and the rest of you more.  The predominant part of the other picture is the couch and the room and to tell you the truth, I am not really interested in the couch or the room.

I have a color picture of the Frank, but my buddy is in it, and he doesn’t have any pants on so I think I will wait to send you one of another kind.  It would not be so bad, but he does not have any clothes on at all but his shirt.  I at least had my shorts on.  Ha! Ha!

That mean old nasty typhoon looks like it is going to miss old Phu Bai after all.  We are still getting rain and other mess of a typhoon, but the typhoon itself is not going to hit us. I am going to change paper because I do not know how much paper I have left in this machine, so hang on tight while I roll.

Wow! Just in time, huh? You remember that jar of peanut butter you sent me in my package?  Well, I was naughty, and I ate all of it last night.  Boy, I am a pig!  I just got started and all those crunchy peanuts and the first thing I knew it was all gone.  I did not mean to, really, but I could not stop myself.  I feel just like a kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Well, I guess you will just have to punish me when I get home and make me stay in bed for at least three days.  Of course, I will need someone with me to watch me and make sure I don’t sneak out and be naughty again (I’m not mentioning anything about not being naughty in bed).  Ha! Ha! You see, I’m being naughty already.

I guess I was just born to be naughty.  Ha! Ha!  But I’ve got a sneaky feeling that you do not really mind.  Go on admit it. Do not be bashful.  You are not blushing, are you?  You had better be.

Gosh, I am in a good mood tonight.  About time, huh?  Well, I really feel pretty good because I just realized that in 100 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes, I will be free and at home with my woman again.  Hey! That’s 99 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes.  Boy, I can’t even count.  Yep, in 3 hours and 15 minutes, we will be two-digit midgets.  About time, huh?  I hope you’re keeping that love light burning.

I sure am letting my emotions flow out tonight, aren’t I?  Seven or more days off in the woods with me alone?  Are you sure you are up to it?  Ha! Ha! Well, it is time to roll again. I think so as 1. You figure out what as 1 is yet?  It means (in 05h language) wait 1 minute.  Cool, huh?

Hey, be sure and tell Jimmy, he owes me a Swisher sweet cigar and a free drunk.  You seem to be so happy for them, and I am too.  I hope they are very happy, but I imagine they are.  Tell Jimmy to change a few diapers for me and not to get his hands dirty.  Ha! Ha!  I trust your folks are well and all in good health.

They seem to think they can make me work 24 hours today and I don’t know if the kid can make it all night again tonight.  This typewriter is cool, and I think I may be a professional typist when I get out.  I am good enough, aren’t I? Ha! Ha!  So I can’t type so good, but I still love you anyway.  Just because you maybe can out type me, I don’t hold a grudge, as long as I can hold you while you type.

We get off of 12 & 12 in two days.  Yippee!!!!!!  I am so tired of working 12 hours a day and waking up at 2:30 am in the morning.

Here I am after a break of about two hours.  Some of my buddies came over and kept me company for a couple of hours.  We just sat around and drank some beer and talked.  They went to see “Vampire Lovers” tonight at the outdoor flick.  I have been waiting for weeks to see that flick, and it looks like I have missed it.  They said it was really bloody.

I can’t wait to get home and lie on the floor and watch the movies together like we did when I was last home.  I really enjoyed that very much.  Just the little things we did, I seem to appreciate the most.  The times when we could just be alone and be ourselves.

Sometimes I think we are crazy, but we both seem to enjoy what we do, so who cares.  When I get home this time, I want both of us to not play any games and just say and do whatever we feel like doing.  To completely relax and be ourselves and know that we don’t have to impress anyone or try and appear as we think we should.  We both know each other and know what each other are like so we should really be able to relax and love life as we both need to do and enjoy doing.

I am really looking forward to being with just you again and loving you the way you deserve to be loved. Loving you from 10,000 miles away is not what you deserve.  It is not what I deserve, either.  We were made to live with each other, not miles apart.  We are part of a very wonderful life and to complete this life we have to have each other and be able to see and hold each other and talk to each other at all times.

Our love is so strong when we are apart, just think of its potential when we are together again.  We are just liable to burst apart from the joy and happiness.  Oh, Honey, I love you so much, and I long for you to be by my side so much that I can’t even think straight.  I challenge anyone to love a woman as much as I love you.  It can’t be done.

Honey, I guess I had better close for now before I write a book.  You know that my love, faithfulness, and my devotion are yours for all time and forever after.  I pray that God will look after you and keep you safe till I can once again look after you and take care of you myself.

No matter how low you feel at times just remember that your husband and lover cares for you more than anything in this old world and that no matter how bad things seem at the time they will pass and I will do my best to give you the best life possible because that is exactly what I feel you deserve.

Take care my, Darling and pray for me as I do you and keep loving me like you always have.

All My Love to my Wife, Nancy,


P.S.  Have you checked out your Grandfathers farm and made sure we can use it and that no one will know?????


My Poem to My Wife, Nancy

This is meant for my wonderful wife,

whose very presence has added meaning to my life.

For what would have happened to this poor fool,

if it were not for the deep clear pool

of pure, honest, beautiful love and devotion?

The worlds greatest feeling and emotion,

which keeps me alive and going strong

for as long is long.

She has all my respect and admiration

and my life is to grant her every possible consideration.

Although we are separated by ever so far,

we will not ever show a mar.

There is only one woman for this man

and she is the most wonderful in any land.

Any fool can see who she must be,

it’s my own sweet wife, Nancy.

I may not be good with words or verses, but I only hope this in some way shows you my great love and respect for the woman I call my own.

I love you, Nancy, so very much.


I love this poem, and it is the very first poem that Frank wrote for me, but it was not the last.

Frank was a very special man, a man who thought deeply, a man who knew how to love deeply, and a man who knew how to express his love to me at all times.  God blessed me with Frank. You wanna be loved like that, and you wanna love like that.

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  1. Oh, Nancy…this post is so exquisite and fully bursting with love, emotion, and passion from you both. What a gift to this world! Thank you for sharing this intimate relationship between you and Frank.

    • Thank you, MaryRae for reading and commenting.
      God so blessed me with Frank. Our love for each other was so real, pure and deep, an eternal love.
      God Bless you,

  2. That’s quite a poem. He knew how to craft with words, and the words flow so well. His feelings come across so strongly in his letters whether he is depressed or happy. Nothing withheld, all in the open. That is a healthy way to live.

    • Thank you, Diane. Frank loved to write me poems and notes which he would leave around the house for me to find. They are among my most treasured possessions. I have kept all but this one and one more which I found in the letters, in my jewelry box for years.
      Finding a note or a poem from Frank left in places he knew I would find them was priceless.
      Frank’s letters are getting longer and he is really putting his thoughts down now. The next two letters are on both ends of the spectrum but both priceless.
      God Bless you, Diane.

  3. So touching…glad he got out of the dumps, if only for a while. Breaking 100 days was a milestone! DEROSing became something palpable…… On another note, I’ll be writing about my experience with the same typhoon. 🙂

    • Thank you, Kim. Yes, Frank was disappointed by not getting a drop but he was resilient in pulling himself back up by his boot straps.
      I bet thyphoon Edith caused you all many worries too.
      It is really a neat experience to talk to you knowing you were in Vietnam the same time Frank was.
      God Bless you, Kim and thank you for your comment.

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