War & Commitment: Book II

War & Commitment: Book II


Vietnam Love Letters from the Heart

This page is devoted to sharing actual letters that I received from my husband and soulmate, Frank Henderson, while he was in Vietnam in 1971.  At this time we had been married for two years and eight months.

These letters will be typed in their entirety then posted exactly as he wrote them without editing grammar with the only editing exception being names of people he might mention.
Frank was twenty-one years old when he wrote these letters.  He will express his inner thoughts and feelings as he writes these letters.  Sometimes he will be happy, upset, depressed, funny, and terribly lonely but in writing his feelings down in letters to me, he will work through his feelings.
As he writes to me, he will speak to me through his written words as if I was sitting in the room beside him. While reading these letters you will come to know the inner soul of this beautiful man.
Please enjoy and feel free to

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