I Want to be Reminded of Lilacs

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Why would I want to be reminded of Lilacs?

What do they symbolize, and do their colors have special meanings?

I did not know a lot about these beautiful flowers and what they symbolize until a friend commented on a blog I wrote named,  My Soulmate Love for Eternity.

In this blog, I spoke of the beauty of having a soulmate, a real deep, pure love. A love where we became so close to one another that we had grown like one strand of tightly woven yarn, having one heart and soul.  A love that has transcended through all time, all dimensions, and shared for eternity. A love that so connected that even after the death of my husband, it has not weakened but become ever strengthened, growing more profound every day.

My beautiful friend sparked my interest by writing this in his comment:

 …I spent quite a bit of time trying to integrate the most fantastic thing, guardian angels, and the mysteries we experience while by ourselves…You may remember the April Stevens and Nino Tempo song “Deep Purple,” well…a very dear friend started calling me Purple…and whenever I think of those people I love, well…my outlook goes to “all the shades of purple.”

In keeping with the mysteries of Love you’ve shared, I suppose I wasn’t meant to tell of my story at all, but only to help you remember why you want to be reminded of Lilacs. This, to me, would clear up a lot of mysteries as they relate to Love, and that would truly be one of the most amazing things ever, for me!

This is your story to tell Nancy, and you’ve titled your story well, maybe, just maybe one of your chapters is meant to be called “I Want To Be Reminded of Lilacs”? Write it, Nancy, your “why” may allow the rest of us to want to be reminded, as well…


After reading my friend’s comment, I decided to research the meaning of Lilacs.  I learned that through the ages, Lilacs had a strong connection with Love and Romance.

The white Lilac represents innocence and purity of childhood.

Lighter shades of purple Lilacs are associated with love or the first time someone feels love for someone else.

Magenta, which is a dark shade of red Lilac, is associated with passion, love, and the sheer thrill of being alive.

Because lighter shades of purple Lilacs are associated with first loves, purple is often an alternative to black for mourning.

All shades of purple Lilacs tend to reflect spirituality, but dark purple Lilacs are thought to reflect knowledge of spiritual mysteries.

Is the pure deep love between soulmates having become one heart and soul, the true symbolic meaning given to the darkest of purple Lilacs?  Does this soulmate love have energy so profoundly woven with each other that it creates an opening of knowledge of spiritual mysteries?

Today, science has revealed purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy. Purple is said to symbolize spirituality, magic, mystery, devotion, peace, creativity, dignity, royalty and brings to mind all of these meanings more than any other color.

Purple is a rare, occurring color in nature and often seen as having sacred meaning. Purple helps align ourselves with the whole universe.

The color purple with its powerful visible energy, the symbolic meanings of purple, the purple Lilac symbolic meaning of love, and the knowledge of spiritual mysteries may all explain the bond between soulmates. A relationship that does not end with one of their deaths but connects them for an eternity.

Thank you, my dear friend, for asking me to research and write this blog.  I will always remember and want reminders of Lilacs and their beautiful colors representing the stages of love.

Frank and I are soulmates,  the deepest of purple Lilacs, we are still very connected through magical energy, and  I thank God for that every day.

Prince knew about the Purple Rain and the magic of walking in the Purple rain with a genuine love forever.


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  1. So touching…yes, I know of lilacs, just not in the sense of my own loves. A friend and his girlfriend (also a friend) had to get married. One day, before the wedding we were riding around drinking and saw an old abandoned farmhouse with several lilac bushes around it. They had just bloomed and we stopped and filled the back seat and trunk with white and light purple lilacs. We took them to their apartment and scattered them all around the living room and waited for Roxanne to come home from work….thanks again for yet another memory of a happier time!

    • Kim, you are so welcome.Thank you for your comment and sharing that Beautiful story. I know Roxanne must have been so surprised and appreciative of such a Beautiful gesture.
      God Bless You, Kim

  2. I didn’t know this about lilacs. I have always loved them. We had a white lilac tree in our back yard for years, but it got too old and was cut down. Perhaps this is why, in another century, when women came out of mourning and wearing black, they often changed into mauve. It was considered acceptable. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading and your comment Diane. I had to do so research at several places for this .
      I have always loved the shades of purple. After I posted this blog, I noticed the last ch as Peter I posted, Frank had a blue purple shirt on.
      God Bless You,

  3. Thank you for sharing that Nancy.

    I don’t remember ever seeing lilacs growing in Africa, although I am sure they would have been quite comfortable in the Western Cape province of South Africa which has a Mediterranean climate and is home to a huge wine industry.

    There is a big lilac bush in our garden here in Ontario, it is a medium shade of purple. I did not know that there were red and white lilacs.

    • Peter, I did not know of the different colors either. I imagine some of the colors are decided by the type of soil and nutrients in it.
      I am so glad that you have a Lilac blush. I don’t have one but after learning about them I truly want to get one and plant it in my yard.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      God Bless You, Peter,

  4. Hello Nancy!
    Thanks for your lovely article on lilacs, love, and color. I love purple and magenta. Lilacs are pretty and dainty to look at. Growing up, I always found the smell stifling. I hated their smell. I haven’t smelled one in a long time. I hope my nose has changed its mind after all these years. 🙂
    Blessings, Mary Rae

    • Thank you, MaryRae. I absolutely knew nothing about Lilacs but now that I do, I am intrigued by them. I am not sure they will grow in Texas but I plan to but a Lilac Bush and give it a try.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      God Bless You,

  5. Lilacs have always been a favorite and now I know why. I also like Purple Iris, which we have many in our garden.

    • I love Purple Iris. When I owned the Florist, I bought lots of them in many colors but the purple was my favorite. Thank you for your comment, Chuck.
      God Bless You and Shirley,

  6. And thus, he was assured…
    Have you been told you are loved today? I was! Chuck now knows…and now, I do as well. You see, Nancy…Lilacs have been around my life always. The subtle difference in their shades always appealing to my eye, even as I’d learn their fragrance was most appreciated from distance! (about 6-12 inches works for me…)
    Here, I’ll thank Peter Wright of South Africa and Ontario, for helping me to to find assurance regarding the mystery I’d hoped your ” I Want Yo Be Reminded of Lilacs” might reveal. While Lilacs are not particularly suited to a Mediterrainian climate…African Violets and purple Bougainvilla, will always be!
    I’ve heard many times from folks how difficult it is to “keep” an African Violet. Yet, my mom’s violet had thrived in her windowsill for nearly ten years before she and my dad moved to New Mexico! I’ve been told by a trusted friend that my guardian angel is male, yet…now, I’m assured my angel’s a she…Mystery solved! If Soulmates are One cleaved from Two…then my guardian angel are “Soulmates for Eternity” of the deepest purple, fragrantly, flowered love. My guardian angel is both my parents!
    Thank you, Nancy…et al., so much for that!

    • The thanks goes to you, Dennis. You opened my eyes to want to know about Lilacs. I didn’t have the answers but I was praying God would bring others to comment on what they think. I have had many African Violets that did fairly well and loved them but Frank’s mother was a true master at growing the most beautiful African Violets.
      I think the color purple any flower that blooms is very special and emits love, whether it be from a friend, a parent, a child, or a spouse. Of course that is just my opinion.
      I am so happy you got the answer to your question from Peter. He is a deep thinker like you and I thank you for helping me get an answer to mine.
      Although, different answers to the same question our needs are different just like the different colors of lilacs and God has a way of answering our questions in different ways.
      Have I been told I was loved today? Not verbally but through a sweet touch by an Angel.
      God Bless You, Dennis,
      Thank you again,

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