The Train Station

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    Tom straightened his tie then put on his hat. Why did he have to make this business trip? He hated that Train Station. He only went there when there was no other choice. Memories began flooding his mind increasing his anxiety.  She told him she would return, but he had waited hours before a policeman took him away.   

    Elsa put on her hat, coat and walked to her nightstand.  She carefully took the picture from its frame, looked at the small boy in the photo then gently put it into her purse.  Memories of that day long ago made tears roll down her cheeks.   Why had she fallen ill that day? She had only left him there to stay warm. It had been months before she could return, finding him gone.

     As Tom left his apartment walking to the Train Station, he smiled, remembering the beautiful blue eyes of his mother.  She had always shown him devoted love and care. What had happened that day?  Tom shook his head, trying to erase the memories, then thought about the couple that had adopted him, loved him, educated him, and raised him to be a gentleman. 

     After locking the door to her apartment, Elsa walked the short distance to the Train station.  It was a brisk day with clear skies.  Elsa had made this trip many times, but today felt different.  She thought of her son and his dark brown eyes just like his Father’s, but also, Elsa thought of the man she had loved and married who had died tragically in a factory explosion during the height of the Great Depression. 

    Approaching the Train Station, Tom’s anxiety increased, but he was determined to get his ticket then go out onto the deck by the tracks.  He would spend as little time as possible inside the station.  Tom was walking through the doors of the station when he saw her and stopped.  He was mesmerized.  In front of him, standing in the middle of the floor, was a little older woman. She was wearing a hat and a coat, clutching her small handbag.  Tom felt drawn to approach her. 

    Elsa stood in the center of the floor, taking her usual position in the Train Station.  From the center of the station, she could see all who entered.  Elsa opened her purse then smiled while pulling out the picture of her son.  Would she find him today?  Would faith have their paths cross?  Elsa looked up as a young man approached her. 

   Tom stared into the beautiful blue eyes of the older woman, and she returned his stare looking into his dark brown eyes.  Love passed freely between their eyes as recognition returned.  They were both stunned for only a moment, then they embraced.  

    Tears rolled down her cheeks, and her hand shook as Elsa showed Tom the photograph, then told  him, “I did return for you, son.” 

    Hugging her close, Tom replied, “I knew you came back for me, Mom.” 



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  1. Aww…love this story, Nancy. Well written!

    • Thank you so much, Brianna. I have never written true Fiction much less Flash Fiction. The picture they gave just spoke to my heart, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to write a short story. I just noticed the contest winner announcement day is May 8, 2020. I was shocked because that is always a very Special Day in May for me. Win or not, it was fun to write.
      God Bless You, and I love you.

  2. This is so touching Nancy! Love it! 💜

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