What Is Happening?

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Not sure why there is a new light, then repeated darkness that comes into this home.

When it first gets light, there are a lot of sounds and movement going on in the house.  The boys seem to be the ones moving quickly and being the loudest. Other than laughing and singing my young woman is reasonably quiet. Daddy and Mom have to tell those boys to settle down all of the time.

Although after a little while, the house becomes quiet, and for a long time, no voices are heard, but then suddenly like before, all the different noises return.  Usually, the sounds and noise stop once the house becomes dark.

Some days from the beginning of the light until it gets dark, this house is jam-packed with voices and noise, but today something is happening.

My young lady just came bursting into the room, and she is beyond excited.  She seems to be moving all around the room, quickly saying, over and over,  “I love this dress!”

What the heck is “this dress”?  Maybe if she stops moving around for a minute, she will tell me about “this dress” of hers.

Now she is talking to Mom, saying she can’t wait to wear some beautiful dress and loves the soft pale tangerine color and the big full long bustled skirt that has beads the same orange color.

The young woman just said it is her first strapless dress and she has never had a strapless dress before then is thanking Mom for getting the dress for her to wear to the band concert.

Mom told her the dress is old, and Grandmother said it was kept looking new by being in a cedar closet, so she will need to be very careful while wearing it.

Well, that is certainly very interesting but the only thing this cedar chest understood about all that was the “cedar” part — wondering what strapless means and why that is new and special. What are beads and bustles? What is a Band Concert?  One thing for sure, my young woman is very excited, and that makes me happy.

After a brief pause, Mom continued by saying that she and Daddy are going to let my young woman have a party here at the house after the band concert, and she is allowed to invite boys and girls, plus she can help Mom make some dips and punch.

What’s wrong with just having more girls here?  Who are these boys?  We already have lots of loud boys in this house.  Wondering if Daddy said it was alright.

My young woman told Mom one of the boys she is going to invite is so handsome, and she likes him.  What does that mean? What does it mean to like? She said she loves the dress it is beautiful and my young woman said she loves me, and I am beautiful, so why is the boy handsome? Oh well.

Mom just told my young woman that she needs to put the dress on, so they can make sure it fits.  Mom just said not to worry about the top being loose because they can use socks to help fill it out.  Lots of loud laughing in here now! What the heck is a sock, and why are they funny?  This cedar chest does not have a clue.

Mom and my young girl have finally settled down, and the house has gone quiet and dark, but beautiful feelings still linger in the air that surrounds me.

Holly cow it is light again, and this house is busy.  I hear loud voices and a whirling noise somewhere, and, as usual, the boys are running around.  Mom just told them to dust and vacuum their rooms to get ready for the party.  Not sure they heard that, but Daddy just went walking towards where their noises are.

There are several new girl’s voices in the house.  Mom is talking to another Mom sounding voice in another room, and they are talking about making small sandwiches. My young woman just came in here with another girl’s voice.  The new girl told my young woman that she is going to roll her hair then after her hair dries under the hairdryer, she will tease it and make it beautiful before spraying it with hairspray.

I am thinking before this party thing is over that this cedar chest is going to go nuts! My cedar walls are empty spinning with questions. What is a hairdryer? What is to tease hair then spray it with hairspray?  When will that whirling noise stop? Now, Daddy is hollering at the boys! I knew they weren’t doing what Mom said.  We don’t need more boys in this house tonight, even if they’re handsome.  What were Mom and Daddy thinking?

My young woman just said her hair is dry.  The other girl said she will now take the rollers out of my young woman’s hair then brush, and tease it. They are now talking about that handsome boy and if he will like her hair.  Hoping they will change the subject soon, this cedar chest has heard enough about the “handsome like” boy.

Well, I asked for this next surprise!  The girl told my young woman to hold her hands over her eyes so she could spray her hair with hairspray!  Suddenly, the room is full of an awful mist that makes me want to crawl inside my “own” cedar walls.  What is this hairspray stuff? Poison or what?  Makes my lid want to flap up and down!  Thank goodness they are through with the spraying.

Mom just came into the room then told my young woman that she would help her get dressed.  Mom says that she has a hoop that goes on under the beautiful dress to make the skirt stand out and some long white gloves.  Hoop?  White gloves?  How am I supposed to try to figure these two things out when my cedar walls are “clogged” with hairspray?  The girl just asked if my young woman wanted her to spray her hair with hairspray one more time!  NO! Please tell her, NO!

Daddy just came into the room, and he said to my young woman that she looks beautiful then said he has a surprise for her.  Daddy told her that she would get to wear her Grandmother’s pearls and that he had bought her a wrist corsage.  My young woman squealed with excitement and told Daddy thank you and that she loved him very much. Crafters who make cedar chests should give them eyes to see the emotions as well as absorbing them.

The house got quiet for a few hours then lots of voices, laughter, and music filled the air, but this cedar chest only listened for the sound of my young woman’s voice, and I could hear that she was having a wonderful time.

Tomorrow, my young woman will open my lid then put more treasures inside my cedar-lined walls.  She will tell me all about each treasure before she shuts my lid then she will rub me with a soft cloth and the sweet smell.  She loves me and says I am beautiful.  This cedar chest will love and protect her and her treasures forever.


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  1. Love it! It’s a great way to share your experiences. Keep it coming.

    • Thank you so much Diane. I think I am finally in a mindset as how to do it. I am really having fun with it.
      God Bless You,
      Love Nancy

  2. So many memories in that wooden box. Love the delivery method of sharing life experience.

    • Thank you, Chuck. I am really enjoying using my memories and imagination to write from a Cedar Chests point of view.
      God Bless You,

  3. Love the Cedar Chest! a great way to tell a story of Memories. Keep on coming with your original way of sharing.

    • Thank you so much Helen. I can’t wait to write more of this book. Thank you so much for your comment.
      I love you sweet friend.
      God Bless You,

  4. What a great way to tell your story! 🥰

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