My Soulmate Love for Eternity

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My Soulmate Love for Eternity

After marrying my soulmate Frank on May 8, 1968,  he passed from this world on January 30, 1997, due to a sudden illness.

We had been married for nearly twenty-nine years at the time of his death.  Frank and I were eighteen years old when we married and only thirty hours separated the difference in our ages, so we actually grew up together.

As our hearts and souls became so entwined together they became one strong thread.

On our first date, Frank walked me to the front door of my parents home, told me that he loved me and that he was going to marry me.  I  looked at Frank knowing what he said was so true then told him that I loved him and yes, I was going to marry him.  We both knew at that moment, while standing on my parents’ porch, that we were meant to be together and that we were soulmates.

My soulmate love for eternity, what does that mean for Frank and I?  It has meant we are one heart and soul inseparable by death, time, or dimension meant to be together for an eternity.

How does this work in my life now?

It means that I have experienced extraordinary things that are so amazing and beautiful.  It means never feeling alone and having amazing things happen around me.

One day while sitting on my porch after mowing the yard,  hot and sweaty, and without a breeze blowing, Frank’s favorite windchime began to ring.  I got up and walked to the windchime and stopped its motion but as I turn away from it, the windchime began to ring again.  I smiled feeling his love for me because I knew it was Frank.

One morning, I woke up feeling Frank holding me in his arms the same way he had always held me at night.  Not wanting to stop that feeling, I closed my eyes remaining very still feeling his love surrounding me.

Safely put away in my jewelry box there is a small feather that floated down into my lap as I sat on my “covered patio” praying and talking to God about some concerns I had.  It is said that feathers floating down to touch you are a sign an Angel is near.

Three years ago after asking God what was my purpose to do for Him, I had a dream and in it, Frank asked me to look in the cedar chest.  After figuring out that I had an old cedar chest in my shed, I found over a hundred letters that Frank had written to me while in Vietnam in 1971.  There was a message from Frank to me in the last letter that was not only a message to me in 1971 but also for eternity.

“Our love was like a new wine.  it’s still wine but it’s weak.

Once it’s been aged and tested, it’s not only wine but great wine.

The same holds true with our love.

It’s aged and been tested over and over and now it’s a perfection.

Can you understand what I am trying to say?

I’m trying to tell you, I love you so much.

I’m trying to tell you that Honey, we are one and nothing will ever part us again.

Not death or anything else.

Our love is a forever thing and it’s the most beautiful forever thing God has ever created.

I’m trying to convey my love to you through this paper and pen and I only hope you can understand how I feel and realize what I’m trying to say to you.

I love you, Nancy.”

All My Love for Eternity,


Later, I realize that God had given me a new purpose in the writing of a book about our true love, commitment, sacrifice to each other to have a strong marriage.

While typing on the original manuscript of the book  “Love Letters from the Heart’, Frank would gently touch my hair every time I typed.  Thinking the first time that it was some kind of flying insect, I left the room then went into the living room to take a break but the moment I sat down, the gentle touch of my hair began again.

My landline phone rings every Christmas but when I answer it nobody is there but the caller ID always says Frank Henderson.  Does my phone call itself?

There is a red Gerber Daisy that Frank planted in our flower bed thirty years ago and now it blooms on our Wedding Anniversary, my birthday, and at Christmas.  Most of the time, that is the only time it ever blooms.

If I am looking for a tool in Frank’s workshop and I can’t find it.  I leave the workshop then ask him where it is and after returning to the workshop it is easily found.

A couple of weeks ago our only child had a heart attack in a foreign land, I asked Frank to please leave me, to go be with him, and I was fine to be here alone.  I did not feel him around me but felt peacefulness at him being with our son.

Sometimes I am totally taken back by how he comes to me and I am in awe of what God lets him do for me.

Sunday, August 5, 2018, being preoccupied with thoughts and excitement at a new Great Grandson being born and while waiting for word of his birth, I decided to start typing on a new chapter of “Love Letters from The Heart’ which is a Memoir of our love story.

While typing I always feel Frank around me but for some reason could not feel him by my side then remembering where I had asked him to go and that our son was now in town close by, I asked Frank to come to be by my side.

The chapter of the book began to flow smoothly as I typed.  After finishing typing the chapter, putting in the pictures, selecting the tags, and coping the URL to share in a post on my Book Facebook page, when I went to paste the URL another chapter posted which had an entirely different URL but was one of my favorite stories of Frank and I rabbit hunting.  The computer was acting strange but after four tries, I finally got the right chapter to post.

Since it was getting late, I drove to Sonic in town where I ordered something to eat then returned home to eat.  About 10:30, I checked the website to see if there had been any visits.  When I hit the arrow on the post to see, I was totally taken back when I saw the name Frank Henderson in the tags.  Tags are words are tools to gather data on a website and help with marketing the site.

I had told a friend in a personal message that there was a new chapter up on the website. This friend has administrative authority to go in the back room to help me with editing and problems, so thinking that my friend had added the Frank Henderson tag for a reason and since it was late I decided to get in touch in the morning.

The next morning I asked my friend about the tag.  I was totally taken back with the reply that my friend had not added a tag.  Only three people can go into the back room of my website.  One only works with the maintenance of the site which has to do with updates on the website.  My friend and I are the only two who actually edit, make changes to the post and share the posts.  My friend did not add the tag and I didn’t either.

While sitting on my couch I thought about the night before then I looked to see if Frank Henderson was in the most used tags and maybe I had accidentally picked his name but his name was not there.  Suddenly, the landline phone rang and as I looked at the caller ID, it reminded me of what happens at Christmas.

Knowing without a doubt in my mind that when the computer was acting up it was Frank messing around and he just wanted me to know that he was home.

The world of soulmate love for eternity is filled with the most beautiful amazing happenings but you have to be able to know that God has given us Guardian Angels to help us along our journey back to Him and be receptive of those amazing gifts from God.

Not sure how to tell my friend that he actually witnessed something so beautiful between Frank and me which reaches across all time and dimensions.

Not sure this blog should ever be posted but I will let God decide that for me.  He’ll let me know.

                                               “An Endless Love” 

I am strong until I become weak

My eyes are dry until I weep

My heart beats strong but it is pieced and broken

God’s love for us must always be spoken

Our true love for each other was sent from God above

He knew our hearts would share an endless love

Time for me here seems long and endless but is growing short

Heaven awaits, where we meet again, share an endless love, and never part.


Enjoy the Letters With Me







  1. To have such a love is a treasure. My God, I cry with every post you share. To miss what was and can never be again except in memories. I miss my husband so much and Thank God, my children also have beautiful memories. He would be so proud of them. They are an extension of him. Thank you Nancy.

    • Thank you, Marion. I don’t mean to mean to make you cry. You and I have been Blessed to have the most Beautiful Love. I promise you that your soulmate love is always by your side. God has allowed this and it is one of the most Amazing things.
      I had no intention of sharing this as I wrote it but God decided it should be shared.
      God Bless You, Marion

    • Losing someone we love is never easy. Memories haunt us forever. Even remembering the good times can trigger sudden sadness for what we can never have again. —-KiKi

    • That is so true KB. I choose to cherish each memory and sometimes I cry but the true love we shared together is worth the tears
      God Bless You,

  2. Sometimes when I read your posts, I smile with memories of discovering my own soulmate, and at others I cry for your loss. This one, however, brings me comfort that despite existing on different planes, you and your Frank are still together. Wow, Nancy, this post leaves me with chills and yet warmth, knowing you and he have still discovered ways to communicate and to bring one another solace.

    • Carmen the way he communicates with me by touching my hair has been truly Amazing. I have even asked him yes and no questions. We are totally one soul and heart. God knew that I needed him to stay by my side.
      I actually think that this happens for all people but they are not receptive to feeling it.
      Thank you so much for your comment
      God Bless You

  3. Well…if my guardian angel has taught me anything about the most amazing thing, Nancy…it’s to make sure to use the right email address before you hit the submit button! I don’t know if you’ll ever read what your story just inspired me to write, but perhaps that’s the way it was meant to be! I doubt you’ll ever get it yet, have no doubt whatsoever that if you do, it’ll remind you of Lilacs!

    • Dennis, Please write it again. You have so sparked my curiosity. I want to be reminded of Lilacs.
      Thank you for commenting on this post which is my favorite.
      God Bless You, Dennis

  4. I wish I could…I spent quite a bit of time trying to integrate the most amazing thing, guardian angels, and the mysteries we experience while by ourselves. I never once used flowers in the context of my comment yet made the mistake of using the email address I use as a privacy filter. You may remember the April Stevens and Nino Tempo song “Deep Purple”, well…a very dear friend started calling me Purple…and whenever I think of those people I love, well…my outlook goes to “all the shades of purple”. In keeping with the mysteries of Love you’ve shared, I suppose I wasn’t meant to tell of my story at all…but only to help you remember… why you want to be reminded of Lilacs.
    This to me, would clear up a lot of mysteries as they relate to Love, and that would truly one of the most amazing things ever, for me!
    This is your story to tell Nancy, and you’ve titled your story well…maybe, just maybe one of your chapters is meant to be called “I Want To Be Reminded of Lilacs”? Write it Nancy…your “why” may allow the rest of us to want to be reminded, as well. Loveyabye!

    • Dennis that is very Beautiful. Thank you for sharing the Lilacs. I have only one chapter that has not been written call “God’s Grace”. It will deal with loss and grief. Thinking it will tell of the Lilacs and remembrance of what they mean.
      God Bless You, Dennis

  5. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Nancy, you who were a loving and faithful wife and to us, your readers, a wonderful friend. —-KiKi

    • Thank you so much KB. I was so fortunate to have married my soulmate.
      We had a very deep true love for each other.
      I really appreciate your friendship.
      God Bless You,

  6. I finished the post, Nancy, and I am breathless. i was breathless all the way through. Your story, and your words, are magical. I cannot stop reading. I predict that you will touch, before the end, tens of thousands of people.

    • Thank you so much Kirby. Your words mean so much to me. God has been been so gracious to me in my life and He gave me the most Beautiful soulmate to love me and share my heart and soul with for eternity. God has allowed Frank to remain all around me.
      The book I am writing, God has a purpose for. I do not know what that purpose is but I know that God does and that is what really matters.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
      God Bless you, Kirby.

  7. Omg, such a beautiful post, I could vision the bond between you and Mr. Frank. I pray that I have a love and bond that is strong as yours and stands the test of time

    • Thank you so much Lisa. Marriage takes a lot of work through total commitment and open communication. You will have this bond.
      God Bless You and thank you for reading and commenting.
      I love you,

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