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Today is Wednesday, May 8th, 2019. Fifty-one years ago on Wednesday on May 8th, 1968 a young man and a young woman stood at the front of the church confessing their love for each other and exchanging their marriage vowels in front of their families, friends, and God.

That day in Van Vleck, Texas at the Methodist Church  Nancy Blakley and Frank Henderson became Mr. & Mrs. Loren Frank Henderson, Jr.

As you all know, I am in the process of writing a Memoir of Frank and my love story.  Two books have been published and are available as autographed books to purchase on this website.

Today, on my personal Facebook page, I posted a Happy Anniversary Wish to Frank, my “Dimples.”  This post might seem strange to some people because Frank passed away twenty-two years ago, but since Frank and I married not just until death do we part, but to never part for an eternity, the celebration of our marriage Anniversary on earth continues.

Now to get to the reason for this blog.  Sometimes a comment from a friend will grab your heart and will bring you to tears.  I am truly humbled and thankful for these beautiful words from these friends, not only about what I am writing and sharing in this Memoir, but how they perceive me as a person in their hearts.

God has opened up a whole new world of beautiful friendships for me that I will treasure forever.  I am so thankful to know them and have them in my life.  So many old and new friends from all walks of life have shared the most beautiful comments and reviews with me which have kept me focused, given me new strength and lifted me up on this journey.  Remember I am always here for all of you.

I received the comment below from a friend who I met on Facebook.  He is a Vietnam Veteran, a writer, married to his soulmate, and a beautiful person with an Amazing soul.

“What a great love story you share with the world.  I love your honesty and can’t help, but think how it teaches us all to be better humans.  Especially to each other.

So much of our understanding about relationships is presented as being lucky when in fact it is self-development coupled with trial and error wrapped in ancient wisdom deep in our souls.  Like we are given the script of a magic play to open ourselves to and allow its unfoldment.  Namaste describes this to the T.  We are never supposed to take vow because that entails someone going against their own process of learning what they came to learn.

Real love, unconditional love, is about the true power to ALLOW another to self-correct.  Thank you dear one for your courage to be an example for others to study…

Happy Anniversary…to both you and Frank.  I can feel his pride in you…”  

Dale Vaughn

Thank you so much Dale Vaughn.



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  1. I’m a couple of days late for this, but I’m trying to get caught up after a very full week. Happy Anniversary to you and Frank. I know you had many fond memories to think on throughout the day. May God bless you with everything you have need of from day to day, moment to moment. It has been a pleasure getting to know you through your writing and on the phone, and through you getting to know Frank. I look forward to meeting him and you together in heaven when that time comes. Love you!

    • Thank you so much Diane. I had a very Beautiful Day of remembrance. I always reflect back on the fun times he and I had together.
      He would love you and I am sure already does from Heaven.
      It is always so much fun to talk with you. You are a true inspiration to me.
      God Bless You.
      I love you,

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