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Frank flying up a patheBook Four of Love and Marriage: Faith and Eternity

This is the fourth in the Four Book Series

Frank and Nancy are back together living in College Station, Texas.

God will perform a miracle for them that will change their lives.  They will continue their journey to moving to new towns having many unique experiences as their love for each other deepens to new heights.


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Book Three of Love and Marriage: Time and Distance

This is the third of the Series of Four Books

Frank returned home on a two-week R&R from Vietnam on July 1, 1971. He kept this as a total surprise for me and only let me know he was coming home through a late-night phone call after landing in California. Frank asked me to pick him up at the Houston Airport. Although we only had two weeks together before Frank returned to Vietnam, this was a beautiful gift for both of them. They had desperately needed to see and hold each other again.

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Book Two of Love and Marriage: War and Commitment

In 1971, Frank Henderson left his home and his new wife, me, to fight in the Vietnam War. As you will read, the distance would neither quell our passion nor stop their love. Rather, in the face of such adversity, the love that Nancy and Frank shared would grow. Through the handwritten letters that Frank wrote to me and my personal recollections of the era, you will experience feelings of desperation and exaltation, you will laugh at the foibles of crossed signals caused by sometimes unreliable letter delivery, and you will cry with joy at this book’s surprising conclusion


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Book One of  Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank

Includes some of my collection of letters from the love of my life, Frank Henderson, and pages of an amazingly wonderful life I have enjoyed thanks to God’s Blessings.

The first few chapters recount my meeting and falling in love with Frank, letters from his Army Basic Training then followed by our early marriage. The next chapters will be about us living together in Ayer, Massachusetts for seven months.  The last chapters will be about us living in Okinawa together for nearly two years including six letters Frank wrote to me before his deployment in Vietnam.

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For about a year now, I have been a devoted reader of Nancy Blakely Henderson’s blog where she enticed me immediately into the love story between her husband, Frank, and herself.
Her writing is straightforward,  honest, and endearing. Her depiction of the love between her husband and herself affects my emotions with joy and sorrow, and I find myself laughing and crying in every chapter she writes.
Hers is the love story every woman dreams of—with a man entirely devoted to her as she is to him, a love which transcends life and still lives on after death.
Frank may be gone, but he lives on in Nancy’s memories, in her words, and in her emotions. And now, both she and he are a part of my life, too.
Carmen Baca, Author

I have yet to enjoy personally meeting Nancy Lou, but from the pleasure of corresponding with her via FaceBook and sharing private messages with her, it feels as though we have been friends since childhood. Reading her book, “Love and Marriage”, only reinforces that sentiment. We, (she, Frank, and I), are of a similar age and time. Our rural America backgrounds and experiences ensure that our core values are in sync as well.

There is an innocence in her writing that so perfectly highlights the depth and sincerity of the love she shared with her husband. All of us “grew up poor”, so that aspect of “getting by on what you’ve got” also rings religiously true. There is no need for her to embellish or exaggerate their experiences in courtship, marriage, and life events.

My wife, Cathy, and I spent our first years of married life in the military as well. In fact, Frank and I were both stationed in Okinawa the same year, though he was Army and I was Marines. We never met, but I’m sure if we had, we would really have hit it off.

So, Dear Readers, if you’re looking for a book to reinforce the intrinsic goodness that you suspect is “out there”, do yourself a favor and read “Love and Marriage”. Nancy Lou will love you for it from Texas, and Frank will love you for it from Heaven.

John Conway, Iowa.


Miles of separation couldn’t sever the love from the hearts of two young people in love. Letters kept their love alive and growing while married but apart. The Vietnam War whisked Frank away for a year leaving Nancy home alone. Frank shares his raw feelings of serving his country but never wavering in his love for Nancy. These letters are intimate portrayals of eternal true love between man and woman. Share their joys and sorrows through the journey of hearts opened and exposed as you read each page torn between staying in the warm glow of words just read or turning the page to read more. Nancy envelopes Frank’s letters in the cocoon of love she felt for him, telling her personal journey as well as Frank’s in this heart wrenching but heartwarming love story. By the end, you will have fallen in love with both of them, waiting in longing anticipation for the second book to come out.

–      Mary Rae Rush, author of the upcoming book, INTENTivity.

From Eleanor Chapin
I was so honored to receive this in US Mail


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