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Distant Friends Again

My computer does not like me.  Just when I thought, that we were becoming closer friends, the computer has decided to distance itself from me again.  I don’t remember doing anything to upset my computer but it is evidently not happy with me and punishing me.

To transfer letters that I have typed that were written to me by my husband I have to be able to copy, paste and unload the key.  I do not have a mouse yet so this is done entirely by certain keys held down together.

You hold down the SHIFT + Arrow keys to highlight release then hold down together the CTRL + c keys to copy. That’s easy.  Next, you go to the page you would like to paste the copy to and you push the CTRL + v to paste it on the page.  I have no problem with any of these functions.

The problem I am having is unloading what has been copied on the computer keys the computer will not let me unload it to reload more copy.

How do I know this?  It is pretty dang clear that when I go back to copy something else to transport to my website then push CTRL +v and instead of two letters pasting at least ten paste.

Oh, but the computer is tricky because at first when I am reading from the top it looks good. Thinking, I’m all good.  I did great. Then, I notice at the bottom of the page the word count is 20,000!  Good grief!

If that weren’t enough, I decided to try out Dragon while I am writing this and when I said paste, it pasted all of those letters in the middle of this blog.  Dragon, I did not say paste it and you are so turned off!  Dagnabbit! Gotta clear 20,000 words in the middle of my blog?

This artificial intelligent computer thangy is eating my lunch and definitely, it is setting me up to fail!  Of course, I know that by using the SHIFT+ arrows that I can highlight all the extra stuff and then with the magic of the CTRL +z, it can be deleted instantly.

How do I know these key functions, well I Googled it, of course?  This woman is not going to find and read the computer manual.  I don’t have time.  I’m trying to transfer what is already typed out there on a cloud in space la-la land.

Now, I am talking nicely to the computer to try and make up with it.  Realizing that I just may have used harsh words earlier when talking to my inanimate computer.  I hope it is not reading this.

Old-timey manual typewriters were cool and there was something about typing along then slapping that carriage return bar thangy.  I wish my computer had one because I would sure like to slap it a little.

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  1. The thrill of learning new skills as an “experienced citizen” can be a lot of FUN!
    Remember there are many tutorials on YouTube. ~~smile

    • Yes, Sir! Google is not getting the job done for this “experienced citizen”. I need duct tape to keep the knowledge from seeping out my ears. Lol! For some reason, I was googling trying to Google, Ask Chuck? Is he on Youtube?

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