Audio Excerpt, Chapter 40, Broken Hearts from “Love and Marriage”

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Audio Excerpt, Chapter 40, Broken Hearts from “Love and Marriage”

Audio Excerpt from Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank.

I thought it might be fun and exciting to try to and record a chapter of my first book with me as the reader.

I randomly chose a chapter, which was Chapter 40 in Love and Marriage, named Broken Hearts.
Frank was leaving for Vietnam after we had been home for a very short while from our assignment in Okinawa
The writing of a personal Memoir involves all of your senses.  You are immediately transported back to that moment in time of your life.
Emotions run rampant as you write about real life experiences. I knew this, but I was totally unprepared for that to happen to me trying to read while doing the audio.
What you hear was unexpected raw emotions brought to the surface by the video playing in my mind of that day as I read my own written words.  I continued to force myself to read on because that is part of the strength of the person inside of me.
After much thought about opening up my heart and soul deeper and my still raw emotions to you all, I decided to share this with you because this is a True Love Story.  The feelings were real and remained embedded deep within my heart.
I would really appreciate your comments. Wondering if too much emotion in audio is good?
Our Hearts Are Broken, Chapter 40


  1. Too much emotion in audio? Not at all when it’s a story of love, Nancy.
    See…love’s meant to be shared.
    I just had a friend write, ” I just came to cry over love’s result.” And after reading it my heart added,”…whether coming or going!”
    Just between you and I…I think it’s clear that when James recently wrote a reply to a conversation we’d saying that he’d love to hear a chapter read by you…he really did mean “you” because while tears are she’d in both love and war, true love is not a war story and the tears that fall for love will always come and go! Keep doing your audios and let the emotions rise and the tears fall where they may…

    Your friend,

    • Thank you so much Dennis. I was totally surprised by the emotion that came out of me as I read this chapter. Sure, I cried when I wrote it, but I was not expecting to see it all so vividly in my mind as I read the chapter. It wasn’t my writing but the memories embedded in my mind.
      I will try to do more of the chapters and shoot for an audio book.
      God Bless You, Dennis.

  2. Beautiful! You had me in tears before you even got to the airport entrance. You did a great job. God bless you.

    • Thank you so much, Diane. I was totally surprised that reading it would pull up such an emotional response from me. As I read it pictures of Frank’s face looking at me helpless to make me stop crying flooded my mind. The uncertainty of whether we would ever see each other again overpowered us. I still can’t listen to the audio without crying.
      God Bless You and thank you for listening and commenting.

    • Thank you again Diane.

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