A Priceless Letter

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When I checked the mail on Monday, March 25, 2019, I had received an extraordinary piece of mail.  After opening the envelope and reading a message written in cursive writing inside the card, it moved me to tears.

Many years ago, probably sixty-one years to be exact, I attended elementary school in Levelland, Texas. My second-grade teacher’s name was Mrs.Book Review Mrs Chaffin Chaffin.  Of course, I had not thought about second-grade for many years.

A few weeks back my Mom called me to tell me that she needed some more of my books.  She informed me that Mrs. Chaffin had seen my book lying on a table in the Beauty Shop in Hico, Texas.  She then asked the beautician about the book.  Brenda, the hairdresser, told her it was a Memoir written by James and Mary Blakely’s daughter, Nancy Henderson.  Mrs. Chaffin told Brenda that she had taught Nancy (me) in the second-grade in Levelland, Texas then asked  Brenda if she could borrow my book, Love & Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book I, so she could read it.

Of course, Brenda told her she definitely could then told my Mom all about their conversation.

When my Mom called me, she also told me that Mrs. Chaffin had retired to a little town called Iredell, Texas which is less than twelve miles from Hico, Texas where my Mom lives and I was born.  I told my Mom that I would write a note inside one of the books then sign it for Mrs. Chaffin, but since I did not have her address, I mailed the book to my Mom.

Sunday evening, March 24, 2019, I called my Mom to chat and catch up. She told me that Mrs. Chaffin had come by to get the book, asked for my address, and wanted to write to me.  Being humbled from the get-go that she remembered me from the second-grade, I also began to wonder why I had been so memorable but put it aside in my mind for another day.

After reading the handwritten cursive words in this priceless piece of mail, suddenly memories began to flood my mind.  I remembered that Mrs. Chaffin was the teacher who had taught me cursive writing which is something that I think is beautiful and expresses so many emotional feelings.

What a strange coincidence that Frank and my Memoir contains so many handwritten cursive letters from Frank.  Does Mrs. Chaffin also know the beauty and mysteries of what lies in cursive writing? After all of those years, does she remember me for my love of learning cursive writing or could it be for another reason?

I did recall an incident that could have made an impression in Mrs. Chaffin, but I will tell you in the audio below.   Enjoy!



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  1. LOL…you are too funny, Nancy. I’ll bet you looked adorable with that rainbow color accordion bow in your hair, like in the photo above. What a strange thing to be disciplined for. I guess because you caused a disturbance to the peace in the classroom. Oh my goodness, to make your classmates laugh, what an offense! Keep tearing it up, Nancy Lou. You’re the best!

    • I definitely disturbed the class. That Bow was one big dude up on my head. Thank you for reading and enjoying then leaving me a comment.
      God Bless You, MaryRae.
      I love you,

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