Yak-King Interview

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  1. What an awesome interview❣️

    • Thank you, Vicki. Time for another one.
      God Bless You

  2. Nancy
    I don’t know if Frank ever mentioned me in his letters but I was accidentally stationed with him at Torii station. And when I got to Phu bai we were roommates until he went back to the states. He was older than me by one or two years but he was like a big brother to me. He was my protector and mentor. Probably the nicest person that I have ever had in my life. The first day that I arrived at Phu bai he took me under his wing and we were more or less inseparable. I was so happy to see someone that I knew. We were stationed at Torii together but not really close at that time. I probably even met you at some point while on Okinawa. When Frank got out of the Army he sent me a copy of his dd214. And that’s the last I heard from him . Today the day after Christmas2023 I type in his name and came a crossed your memories. I looked through the pictures and seen the his face . I’ve thought of him so very often. I think you only have a certain amount of friends in your life that you cherish and Frank is one of mine. Thank you so much for your love for my dear friend

    • Thank you so much Bob. I am so touched by your words about Frank. He was the best human being I have ever known.I hope you will read our Memoir and hear his voice again in the words of his letters. Please feel free to contact me 979 661-9777, so much I would like to hear about Phu Bai
      Thank you, Nancy

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