Why You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

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Anyone who knows me knows that I see the humor in everything and maybe laugh out loud when it shouldn’t happen.

Sometimes, I don’t start out trying to be funny but then it just happens.

A couple of days ago, it happened, not just once but every time a thought came into my head and believe me, thoughts don’t just happen there very often.

Okay, my brother-in-law and his wife invited me to take a trip up the country to attend a funeral.  Bless their hearts, they had no idea what they were in for.  Normally, they share a quiet ride together when they take road trips, but this would not be the case for them this time because they had a backseat passenger.  Half of the time the passenger was out of the seat belt fidgeting around talking, always talking.

We made a pit stop on this three and half hour journey and it didn’t take us over twenty minutes to get out of the truck, straighten up, and hobble into the convenience store.  It is amazing how quickly your body can set up to that sitting position in a car.  Takes a lot of major stretching,  loud moaning to get to a standing position, and then a lot of concentration to make your legs wake up to walk.  Probably the cold weather.

Something you should all be aware of, and I want you to know this, if the door of the convenience store says to pull and it is locked, it will not open.  You can pull and pull and pull but it is best to just pull on the other door which is unlocked to save some time.

One other thing, they have some newfangled tiny blow dryers for your hands in the restrooms now.  Be prepared to stand your ground or those thangys will blow you and your hands away.  Quick Dry can take a back seat to Instant Dry hand blow dryers.  Thinking they may need to add lotion machines close by so people can use the lotion to rejuvenate the skin on their hands.

Well, we all made it back into the truck and headed on the road to our destination.  Of course, that passenger in the back seat started fidgeting and talking again.  No cell service was the passenger’s real problem.  Oh well, it happens.

Our next stop was at a unique restaurant called Hiway 77 Cafe right outside the town of Rosebud.  You can click on the name to see the menu and restaurant.  They had an amazing menu of home cooked food.  Since we were having trouble deciding what to order, the young waitress took our drink orders.  Three glasses of water.  Doesn’t get any easier than that.  At our ages, we are all aware we need lots of water.

After a short while, another lady, the manager, came to take our food orders.

I asked her, “What is in the German slaw?”

She replied, “It’s a family recipe.”

I asked, “Does it have cabbage in it?”

Her answer, “It’s German Slaw.”

My next question was, “Is it any good?”

She looked me in the face then said, “It’s “my family’s” recipe.”

Oops!  Yes, I started laughing and my poor brother-in-law and his wife looked at me like they really wanted to crawl under the table but I couldn’t stop myself from asking her if we could get a bowl to try it.  She returned with a small bowl but she looked at me with a straight face as she set it down in front of my brother-in-law and said, “You don’t get any.”  I laughed until I cried.

We kept seeing rolls, baskets of rolls coming out to other tables and we decided we might not get rolls because of my behavior.  I asked my brother-in-law if he wanted me to ask someone if they were homemade and an old family recipe but he told me, “No, I would like to not get thrown out of here.” Go figure??

Anyway, the food was to die for and we even had homemade desserts.  The desserts were absolutely heavenly.   When we got ready to leave, I gave the young waitress one of my cards with my website on it then asked her to give it to the lady manager who had come to our table with the German Slaw.  I asked her to tell the lady manager that I write humorous Widow’s Blogs and would advertise her Cafe in a blog.

Believe me, if you are ever going down Highway 77 and come to a town called Rosebud, Texas, you should stop and eat at the Hiway 77 Cafe but you might want to leave off the part that Nancy Lou sent you if you want some German Slaw which is awesome.

We all attended a beautiful celebration of life for a very special lady and then we started our trip back home.  The preacher did such an awesome job and actually had us all joyful.  As a matter of fact, he was so wonderful, that I asked him as I shook his hand if he would do my funeral.  His exact words to me were, “Do you have a date?” Yes, I laughed.  My brother-in-law did tell me that he might be able to supply the preacher with that date depending on the back seat passenger’s behavior on the way home.

It seemed as the passenger in the back seat got more tired on the trip home, the funnier that person became but thanking my brother-in-law for not putting the passenger out on the side of the road.  Especially not at the service station at the cutoff road outside of Needville because the passenger has memories from another trip of that place but that’s another story.  Something about baby girl, black beans, three adults trying to change a diaper using a whole container of baby wipes…



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  1. Thanks you for yet another laugh, Nancy. I love your humor. Since laughter is like medicine and brings health to our bodies, I want to laugh as much as possible. It is good to see the funny side of things and it makes life much easier, especially the harder times we go through. It’s kind of like the difference between an oiled wheel and one that hasn’t been oiled for a long time. God bless.

    • Thank you, Diane. Humor is my best friend and I look for it in all situations. I love to laugh at myself and share the funny things I do. Thinking when others read they laugh because they have done something similar that they can relate to. Humor absolutely makes the world go round easier.
      God Bless You.

  2. So funny! The kind words about Highway 77 Cafe are right on! We love stopping there and do so every chance we get! From those delicious rolls, to chicken fried steak, to the veggie plate, to ALLthe yummy desserts…..you cannot go wrong! Throw in the friendly owners and staff and you have real Texas Hospitality! Love your humor….so glad you did not have “a date” for the preacher!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Betty. You are so right, HWY 77 Cafe is the best homemade food anywhere. I love that they have all of the Veterans pictures up on the walls. I have driven through Red Bud many times going to Hico, Texas where I was born and I have always thought Red Bud was a beautiful little town.
      I can’t wait to pay Red Bud and HWY 77 Cafe another visit.
      God Bless You All,

  3. One thing needs mentioning….said brother in law and his said wife were laughing til they cried, in the front seat. And in the cafe. And why is he your brother in law and I’m his wife and not your sister in law? Although I love being his wife. Just wondering! Lol ! And who was it that couldn’t walk or open the door? Never mind. Don’t go there! Funny and REAL stuff…..and that cafe is amazing! Love you, Nancy Lou!

    • Thank you for commenting Theresa. It would have definitely have been easier to just say Lloyd & Theresa, but I was putting this blog out to the world. Lol.
      I love that Cafe. We need to make a return road trip soon. They have lots of Amazing little shops downtown too.
      I love you,

  4. Rosebud—not RED Bud—my step dad and late husbands pictures are on that wall.

    • Thank you, but the blog says Rosebud. I do not know where you saw RED bud.
      I am so glad your husband and Step Dad’s pictures are on the wall there.
      God Bless You and thank you for your comment.

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