Where’d My Menu Go?

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Well now, it has been a while since the Widow let you know what she has been up to, but you can believe that it has all been days of learning how not to do things.

Nancy Lou has been reading and editing, War & Commitment:  The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book II, but while doing that, she has been writing new chapters on this website of the fourth book of the Memoir.

This widow-woman does not use a wireless mouse to move the pointer arrow around the screen.  Instead, Nancy Lou uses her pointer finger to scroll around on the computer dumafloche below the keys on the keyboard.  Sometimes this causes errors or the little arrow displayed on the screen disappears out of sight.  Nancy Lou does not have a clue where the indicator arrow has gone or what it is doing, but she continues to circle her finger on the dumafloche below the keys tapping on the thang impatiently until it appears from its secret place.

Due to this practice, sometimes the screen in the back room of her website changes suddenly.  After a brief feeling of terror thinking all is lost, she takes a deep breath then slowly looks for causes.  A good day is when she finds the error and fixes it then nobody has to know.  A bad day is when she has to call in the troops who happen to be all guys that are Computer Gurus.  She knows they know she is not computer literate, but they kindly laugh only in private.  She can “only imagine” their conversations with each other about her inabilities, but she uses her humor to make them laugh.

What is this blog about?  This post is about my latest finger mousing hard tapping on the dumafloche below the keys on the keyboard which resulted in the Menu side of my website back room only showing icons without the names next to them.  Nancy Lou looked everywhere for a button to undo this fiasco, but alas she could not fix it.

Finally, after much thought, she decided to PM one of the Gurus, a good friend, I wouldn’t have a website or a book without, Chuck Bartok website Best Business Mindset Alliance.  Of course, She made light of the fact that it didn’t matter about the Menu bar because she could still work in the back room, but every time she went in the website back room, it drove her nuts trying to figure it out.  The Guru she PMed said it looked beautiful on his side.  What? How could that be?  Was she going totally nuts or just her normal crazy?  Swallowing her pride, she asked him to go in as her then she waited.  Soon he got back to her, and she was just her normal crazy because he saw the same thing with the Menu.  Whew, a close call on totally crazy.

Collapse Menu button

Really, A Collapse Menu Button?

Next up, emails went out to the Server Guru Guy, Mark Hultgren, website https://mkw-ind.biz/services/hosting/. He is probably a walking computer chock-full of knowledge, never sleeps, and always watching out for us all and fixes errors, especially for Nancy Lou types.

Mark comes back in an email with a simple answer.  It seems there is an icon at the bottom of the Menu bar which you can click on to display or collapse the Menu Bar.  Go Figure!  Presto change-o, one click on the icon and the problem was solved.  Of course, the Gurus have been thanked and promised that Nancy Lou will try to control her mousing finger on the dumafloche tapping habits, but can she do that and if she did, how would they get their belly laughs?

It is for sure that Nancy Lou needs Help!

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