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What Has Happen with My Generation?

I know every older generation thinks the next younger generation has gone absolutely “bat crazy” and not responsible but that is not really true.

Every generation has its own music, new electronics, cars, movies, and more which is just okay with me.  It just means as a world we are moving forward in our ability to think and the intelligence to learn, not backward.

My generation’s job is supposed to be the fall-back backbone for the younger generations by making sure we instill values of great humanity, consideration for others, kindness for others, love for others, respect for others and forgiveness for others.

What has happened?

When did my generation lose so much of the morality of the values that we were to pass along?

Did we forget it is better to love than hate?  Did being considerate of others feelings abruptly end, is winning all that matters, and only caring about our own feelings become the norm?

Did we forget to be respectful to others or did we just lose respect for ourselves somewhere during our lives and then in turn, not relay it to the next generation?

Is being right in a disagreement more important than just agreeing to disagree?

Do we think that we are so perfect that we don’t make mistakes, so we cannot forgive other people who we have judged as flawed and unforgivable?

Social Media opened my eyes to wonder what is happening to my generation but is Social Media a good example of what is happening with people or is it a place where people take out their frustrations and just forget their manners.

After all, not everyone on Social Media is upfront about who they really are, but what about those people that you actually know or thought you knew?

Is it okay to comment to others when you disagree with them using hateful words and ugly language just because you are sitting in the security of your own home or office on an electronic device saying things you would never say to them in person?

My generation is better than this and we have a responsibility to teach the generations under us how to be humble, kind, considerate, respectful, loving, and forgiving as human beings but we have to do it by example at all times, in all places, and especially through our comments on Social Media which is the new generations main way of communicating with others.

Morality is something that we are taught by the generations before us and must be passed down from one generation to the next.  My prayer is that we do not let our differences of opinions by making comments on electronic devices on Social Media change what was handed down to us by past generations who spoke to us in person.

Just my thoughts.  I would love to have your thoughts and comments.

Marvin Gaye
“What’s Going On?
Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois on 27th September 1972

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  1. What is Going On?
    Over the past 70+ years in my simple life, I have watched an insidious agenda creep into the American Society.
    1. We have developed from being advocates of Character to those idolizing Personality.
    2. Social engineers have done a successful job of convincing the population they “deserve a break today” whether they expended honest energy or not.
    3. Education has been taken from local influence to a centralized bureaucracy, which is more easily controlled by the “power”
    4. And most important Faith has been denigrated as being archaic and not progressive.
    5. We have also reduced the ability of people to think for themselves.

    Can it be changed?
    I believe so but not overnight.

    • These are excellent answers, Chuck. It really seems like the only way people really talk anymore is through electronic devices. Even the telephone is becoming extinct with the young. I think we need to make our children and Grandchildren sit down and talk to us face to face otherwise their values and morals are going to come from a machine talking to a machine while on a social media without constrictions or control.
      Advances in science have come very swiftly in the last fifty years or so and it has affected us all. People just do not sit and have real conversations very often anymore. You are right we can change it but it will take time bu do we have time?
      God Bless you,

    • Chuck, I agree with Nancy as to your answers. You seem to have a knack for picking out “things that have gone awry. One thing that we have to realize though is that this generation did not get to be “like they are” without help from “the generation preceding it”. I think that “every” generation has failed to realize that they have given just a little more slack to their children (who are the next generation). Not actually the fault of any one person or generation but a little bit “everyone’s fault”. My 16 yr. old granddaughter was asked to call her brother since we were going to visit them and when i asked her what he said, her reply was “he hasn’t messaged me back yet”. I asked why she didn’t just call him and again, another “no nonsense” reply was “I don’t like to talk on the phone. I was quite upset by learning this yet, I have heard that this is the “new normal” for teens. Had this been my child and not grandchild, her phone would have been taken away until she realized that “communication in all ways” is a necessity to have under your belt. That’s just hitting on one of the subjects but I could really get into the “downfall” of this generation with their morals. Or should I say with “no” morals. Which I blame on parents not stopping their children from “being followers” instead of pushing them to be “leaders”.. All in all. Great job on bringing to light some of the problems that exist with this generation.

    • Thank you, Arlene, for your comment and your thoughts about the questions in this blog. It also frustrates me that texting seems to be the only form of communication my Grandchildren want to use.
      It is really hard to communicate with them even in the same room sometimes. They are not used to any emotion or emotional expression coming from actual face to face conversation and they overreact sometimes to absolutely nothing.
      They are followers. They will pick one side of something going on and never entertain the idea of listening to both sides then coming to their own conclusion. Wondering if we taught them to always drink the “Koolaid”.
      I really feel like my generation needs to step up and do more to try and fix these things.
      Thank you again for leaving a comment.
      God Bless you,

    • Yes Nancy, it does seem as though they are “set in their own ways”. Right or wrong, they don’t care, as long as they are “doing it their way”. My granddaughter is 16 and comes to visit often, her Dad passed away when she was 12, don’t know if that has anything to do with it but, I doubt. I refuse to keep my cell phone on which “MAKES” her call me if she needs me. (pretty sneaky hey)? One thing she is good about is that she listens to me about quite a few things that are happening in today’s society. Including “politics”. She will listen to things I explain to her BUT, only if I discuss “both sides” of a topic. Her Mother (has a boyfriend) works 2 jobs and and he and my granddaughter do not get along. I have considered the fact that her Mother is not with her as much as she would like to be “part of why Gabrielle is like she is” but I’m not sure. I do know that she was not made to “do as they said” as my daughter did when my husband and I raised her and her brother. This could be a part of it but it’s all so confusing to me. I feel my daughter was too lenient with her and I also feel that this is a big part of the entire youth of today. Maybe parents feel bad because so many of them “both” had to work and so they allowed their children to (shall I say) get away with more than we allowed our children to. My children knew they did not “cross the line” but parents today seem to have “no line”. Sad, very sad especially since it’s the children who will be suffering in the end. One more thing that you mentioned about not communicating face to face seems to be something I have noticed also. I have wondered if because of this that is why our grandchildren (and all young adults of today) seem to be without expression. I sometimes tell my granddaughter that she has “no feelings” and she gets upset with me but, it seems to be true, or they “hide them”..

    • Arlene, thank you. Your insight so real and true. The absence of emotions about things in the young is a good observation but if you think about it this just may be part of the electronic world of communication.
      My Prayers are with you with your Granddaughter. I think she has feelings but as you said she is hiding them.
      Thank you again for your comment.
      God Bless you,

    • Wonderful Comment Arlene.
      Re: “Which I blame on parents not stopping their children from “being followers” instead of pushing them to be “leaders”..”
      My peers were encouraged to question evrything in Grammar school, high school and univeristy).
      My parents were the worst always asking for “why”
      Also I don’t remeber being “labled”
      I was as succeessful as my defionition ‘allowed’.
      No failures just the ability to learn how to do it better next time!
      Thank goodness our children, grandchildren and now 8 great grandchilden have carried on the tradition of being INDIVIDUALS and not robots.
      Of cours ethe downside is you might be considered “crazy” ~~smile

    • I totally agree with you, Chuck. Leaders are cultivated by planting the correct seeds of right and wrong then watching them grow through encouragement by teaching them to question for answers then research for their own answers to the questions.
      God Bless you and Thank you,

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