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Who is serving Whom


Well now, I googled “Website Server” and “Hosting”.  Really?  The answer was not exactly what I had envisioned in my mind!

Website server has absolutely nothing to do with a person with a little white towel over their arm bringing me breakfast in bed but is a little boxServer out there in the la-la wireless land.

This is the way I picture it in my mind.  First, you have to find a reliable website server building out there which has an apartment for rent, then you rent that apartment.

You will then give them your domain name and they will put your website name on your apartment door.  You will also want to pay a little extra to keep your friends and yourself safe from intruders getting into your apartment with a Trusted SSL Certificate.  SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  Thinking it is like that ground wire pole on an electric cord that you plug into a wall socket.

Next up, you have to move in.  This is where the fun begins!  Your apartment website comes totally empty without walls.  You will get to set up rooms and design them yourself!  How neat is that?

The website living room (Homepage) is probably the most important room.  I see it as a place to get acquainted with visitors and make them feel right at home and very welcome.

Of course, as when meeting all new neighbors and friends, you will want to introduce yourself briefly telling them a little about you and what you do.  This room is like a small room like a kitchen off the living room which is really warm and cozy.

Building and designing each extra room with its own little quirks and flavor is an amazingly fun experience. Each room will have it’s very own personality and flavor.

So, now you need to give your rooms, in your website condo, names and a little explanation of their contents.  Each room will have its own special content.

I have been very fortunate to get the greatest server with an awesome man, Mark Hultgren, and his Company, 2GainSalesMatters Hosting.

He keeps my server safe and updates me personally with emails on learning more about my website.  Pretty sure Mark is not gonna bring me breakfast in bed but he sure will keep my website safe!

Well, now you know a little more about getting a server from the way I see it.

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P.S I was told by the Web Police that if I post a link that is an affiliate link I must disclose that if you ever purchase the product mentioned I might receive a small stipend (Compensation), so consider yourself  “hustled”

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