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God Help Me

Wow, I am actually on a website!  Thinking not to bad for a person who had not turned on a computer for ten years.

Have I made mistakes?  Absolutely!  How many mistakes?  Actually, I lost count after I ran out of fingers and toes.  I should have kept a sheet of paper with a count.

The first real bogger-roo is getting a domain name.  You might wonder what that is, well I had no idea.  It is actually the name you use on your website and one you will get from a site after googling “Get a Domain Name”.

After selecting a site, I blindly entered the unknown, definitely in a foreign computer land for me.  The site asked for names I wanted, so I entered my name, Nancy Henderson.  Wrong!  My name was not available.

It probably would be easy if my name was Hermoine Puffenstuff!

As a music lover who relates everything to songs, immediately a song came to my mind,  “What’s Your Name?” by Don and Juan.

Well, now I was having a real identity crisis, so I tried Nancy Lou Henderson.  Bingo! I could actually get

Next thing was to pay for the name I had chosen which I did but did not set up an account. Thinking I would need an account for future repayments, I went back in and set up my account.  Meanwhile unaware to me, the site had sent me an email with an account number and a receipt.

When going back to the site with the account I had set up for myself, there was not a domain name listed.  Oops, something was wrong! I then went to the email sent to me from the domain site and used the account number they had sent.  Of course, the domain name was there.

Good grief, two accounts but only one had a domain name.

Something about me you should know, when I get completely confused and panicked, I go to the landline phone and make a call.  A live person is who I desperately need.

As faith would have it and God’s love for me prevailed, I talked to a real live person who got it all straightened out and did not make me feel ignorant but patiently and slowly walked me through the steps.

Okay, the domain name was handled but what I needed next was a server.  What the heck is a server?   I actually get a server to serve me?   Could this be breakfast in bed?  Definitely liking this!

Time to google again!

By the way, have you had problems finding that RIGHT Domain?
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