Visions & Smells

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First Apartment

Visions & Smells

Looking through photo albums, I focused on a picture from the past.

This photograph was of an old two-story apartment building, which was our first home.

Shutting my eyes, the memories in my mind began to flow fast.

While going deep into my memories, I saw myself walking alone.

A mixture of aromas from past foods cooked filled the air.

A smell not memorable for just one cuisine, but a pleasant blend of them all.

Suddenly, I smelled your aftershave then pictured you sitting in your favorite chair.

Entering the bedroom, I saw the curtains blowing then smelled the fresh air of Fall.

In the corner of the living room stood the ironing board with the iron, then the smell of starched fatigues filled my nostrils.

I saw a cloth covering a large bowl in the kitchen, and the smell of yeast bread rising filled the rooms.

Glancing into the bathroom, and saw the bathtub full of water and clothes, then there was the smell of the detergent and bleach mixed with dance thrills.

Opening my eyes, I knew that the photograph in my hand was more dimensional than one presumes.

By Lou

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  1. So many memories wrapped into one story! You had a true love and still do! Just beautiful…

    • Thank you so much Eva Marie. Frank and I were true soulmates and my love for him grows stronger each day.

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