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The Wonderful Uses for Duct Tape

It seems to me that one of the most wonderful products on the market out there today and actually for a very long time is duct tape’

This widow uses duct tape for some things you possibly might not ever consider, so I thought I would share some of my secrets with you.

What do you do when your water hose has sprung a leak?  Duct tape!  You use duct tape to wrap around the hose covering the hole.  Of course, you might have to wrap several times but believe me, it works, plus it is waterproof.

After having found a leak in my water hose and not wanting to take the time to go buy another one, I used duct tape.  Thinking it has been working for several years now so why buy a new one, plus now I just want to see how long it really works.

Warts?  I have heard from a reliable source, that covering a wart with duct tape will smother the wart and make it disappear.  I  have never had a wart so, you are on your own on that one.

Of course, we all used duct tape to close the lids of boxes. Kinda boring use now.

Because the duct tape is so sticky, you might even be able to use it instead of hot wax on your legs.  I will have to get back to you on this one.  Back and it does not work.

Have you ever had your toe wear its way through the top of your tennis shoe?  Duct tape.  Wrap it around the toe of your tennis shoe but be sure to wrap both toes of each tennis shoe so they will match.

Duct tape is also available in “Glow in the Dark” now which opens up so many new uses.

Just think your tennis shoe toes will glow, you could put strips of duct tape on a bicycle, a post, your clothes, and all will become visible at night!  How cool is that!

What if you have a child that sleepwalks at night?  Bingo!  Glowing duct tape on their pajamas so you can find them in the dark.

As you can see, you can not go wrong with duct tape.  Just let your imagination go wild!

Not sure why, but the best use for duct tape my husband ever thought to use was to suddenly come out of nowhere and cover my mouth with a piece of  it.

He actually told me that was the best use he had ever found for duct ,

Can’t imagine why he would have done that or thought that, Lol!





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