Those Big Eyes

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Little Boy with Big Eyes

Those Big Eyes


Those big eyes, they sparkle and dance,

searching the room with just a glance.

Eyes with long lashes slowly blinking,

make you wonder what is he thinking.

Big eyes that are innocent and sincere,

Projecting peace to all who are near.

Those big eyes trying to fight off sleep,

fill hearts of eyes watching with love so deep.

Big eyes filled with sweet love,

assuring all they come from above.

These big eyes of an angel unaware

Come from God, so beautiful and rare.


February 3, 2020


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  1. Yet another wonderful poem! The joy, the miracle of childhood….😍

    • Thank you so much Kim. These Great Grandchildren are bringing out the poetry muse in me. LOL.
      God Bless You my friend,

  2. What a delightful poem to wake to. We are all blessed with LOVE form so many resources. The video was fabulous!

    • Thank you Chuck. These Great Grandchildren are tugging at my heart and giving me a new kind of writing inspiration. I am not a Poet. Lol
      God Bless You,

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