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I believe God put a lot of thought into creating each of us while making us all unique, special and different.

Also, I think that He gave us all a special purpose that is designed just for us to fulfill while we are living in the flesh.

It is easy to look around and want to be that somebody else who we might think is more talented, more beautiful, or more successful.

When we see the talents of others and compare them to our own, is it a fair comparison?  I remember as a young woman thinking how others around me seemed so much more talented in various ways than I was but some of them did not have a clue at all as to how blessed they were.  Some even took those talents totally for granite and never tried to use them to their full potential.  It would sometime seem for less talented people who actually did try harder bypassed the most talented and succeeded because of the drive that was in their hearts.

More beautiful, what does that really mean?  Is beauty what is on the outside of us or what is radiating from the inside of us?  I have met many people who were not extremely beautiful on the outside but became the most visibly beautiful people I had ever met because of what radiated in their smiles and hearts from their inside.   Also, I have met extremely beautiful people who visibly became hard to look at because of the scowls on their faces and their heartlessness.  So, what is more beautiful? Could it be that what radiates from our hearts is actually what makes us beautiful?

More successful, who is more successful?  Is it the people who have quickly gotten everything they ever wanted being heartless by crushing others who got in their way or is it being satisfied with what we can steadily accomplish, having a kind heart by helping others any way we can, then working hard at our improvement each day.  Sure, being extremely successful, closing your heart to others and immediately having everything your heart desires, sounds great but is it? What is left to desire and dream about?  Are people not successful who work hard, love others, and make do with what they have?

Seems I am asking more questions than giving answers but I have a few more questions.  When God made us all unique, special, and different, what was His purpose for us all?  Certainly not to be the most talented in this world, the most beautiful in this world, or the most successful in this world.   Could it be that God wants us to use our talents to succeed with a radiant beauty from our hearts to Love not only ourselves and all others but also by accepting all others and ourselves just the way He made us.


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