Stuck On You, Chapter 16

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The four days leading up to our Wedding Day were full of excitement. Wow!  I had Frank in my arms, and it seemed that God had used superglue on our hands, and we could not let go.

Things were hectic in Van Vleck, Texas.  It seemed like everyone in this town were in some way involved in our wedding.  Since the wedding was planned for the evening of May 8, 1968, at the First Methodist Church in Van Vleck, Texas, there was so much to do. It was hard for Frank and me to concentrate on all of the  “pomp and circumstance”. All we wanted to do was be alone with each other.

It seemed that we were lost in our own little world with each other while my Mom and Frank’s Mom were running around getting everything together.  Our Moms kept trying to get us on board with the wedding plans. Although we lost in each other, we eventually gave in.   

My folks living room and dining room was large separated by two large brick planter boxes, one on either side of the room, had been converted into a wedding gift room.  The dining room table was literally full of dishes, silverware, pots, pans, sheets, towels, blankets, knick-knacks, cooking utensils, toaster, electric skillets and just about everything a new couple would need to start out their new married life.  While Frank was in basic training, two wedding showers were thrown for us which Frank’s Mom, my Mom and I had attended.   

Frank and I went through all of these gifts together. We felt so blessed to have so many people that cared about us and had given us so many beautiful things.  Frank and his family had lived in Matagorda County for many years, were well known, loved, and respected by many people.  Even though my family had only lived in Van Vleck a short time, since my parents were both teachers, they were also known, loved, and respected by so many people. 


Saturday, May 4, 1968, Frank and I had many things which include buying thank-you gifts for all who would be participating in our wedding.  

Also, we got the required blood tests from a family doctor who opened his office up for us on a Saturday so we could go to the courthouse and get our marriage license on the following Monday. 

Sunday, May 5, 1968,  Frank and I attended church with our families then had lunch with one family and then dinner with the other.  

Monday, May 6, 1968, was really hectic, we had so much to do, but we were having so much fun together that the hours flew by quickly.  In the morning, Frank picked me up, and we headed to retrieve blood tests from the doctor’s office, and then we were off to the courthouse to get that marriage license. 

On Monday afternoon my bridesmaids and I attended a party at Judy and Ronald Jones’ home.  They lived about a block down the street from my folk’s home, were fellow teachers, and wonderful friends to my family. At this party, we cut net into small squares then placed a teaspoonful of rice in the center of each square then brought the corners together, gave a little twist to the center then tied a small piece of ribbon around each one with a bow tied with the remaining ends of the ribbon.    

My mom and my brother, Jimmy, went to Houston after school to get my wedding dress which had been left at a store in Houston to be altered.

My dad and my other three brothers were at my folks home hanging out. My brother, Grady, had a friend who had come over to visit and this friend had come for a visit riding a small motorcycle, probably the size of what we call a dirt bike today.

All was going smoothly according to plan.  What could happen?



While my brother and his friend, who was visiting on Saturday, were in my folk’s house, Frank and Jimmy had decided to hotwire my brother’s friend’s motorcycle, and they rode it around the neighborhood.  They were unaware that my brother, Mark, had been watching them and had learned from them how to hotwire the motorcycle. 

So, Monday afternoon when, my brother’ friend, Grady, had come back over to my folk’s home again to visit, Mark decided to hotwire the motorcycle and take it for a ride. Since my mom and Jimmy had gone to Houston to pick up my wedding dress, Dad was home along with my three younger brothers.  Frank had gone to his folk’s house to help them while I was at The Jones’s house, making rice bags with my Bridesmaids. 

My brother, Mark, who was 13 years old at the time and a very quick learner and he was very successful at getting the motorcycle started.  Mark then got on the motorcycle and took it for a ride, but he lost control of it and ended up hitting a police car which was parked on the side of the road just a little way down the street from our house.  When he hit the police car, the footrest of the motorcycle went through his leg, causing a compound fracture in his calf, the bone between his foot and knee.  

My Dad and some other men quickly loaded Mark into a vehicle and rushed him to the hospital in Bay City, which was about five miles away.  My Mom was with my oldest brother, Jimmy, in Houston picking up my wedding dress but could not be reached and would only find out when they returned home but Frank and I found out about what had happened when he picked me up from the Bridesmaids rice bag party shortly after the incident had occurred.

Mark was supposed to be an usher in our wedding, but that was not going to happen.  Frank and I were just so glad that he was okay that we didn’t even care. 

My parents had some really good close friends that literally just took over and helped with the wedding while Mom and Dad were taking care of Mark at the hospital. 

Sometimes we can’t be prepared for events that happen in our lives, but God always takes care of us in these times.    

May 7, 1968, reality has set in, and chaos was on its heels!

The wedding rehearsal was planned for 5:00 p.m.  All of the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, Organist, and Preacher who could be in our wedding party were all at the church.   The Flower girl and Ringbearer were also there with their parents. 

After a lively rehearsal with lots of laughter, everyone headed to the Rehearsal Dinner in Bay City.    

Frank and I stopped by the hospital on our way to the Rehearsal Dinner to see Mark and give him our love and thank a friend of my parents who had volunteered to stay with Mark at the hospital so my folks could go to the Rehearsal Dinner.  Mark was pretty sedated, but he was glad we had come for a visit.   

Gifts were given to the wedding party by Frank and I then we surprised each other with the secret gifts we had purchased for each other.  Frank gave me a “delicate pearl necklace with matching pearl earrings,” and I gave him a “tie tack with a small diamond in it.”

Fifty years later, I still have these unique gifts we gave each other that night.  I never took the pearl necklace of the pearl earrings off until a few years ago when I noticed the pearls were getting worn down too much.  I have chosen to share a picture with you, above, of these prized possessions in the photo accompanying this chapter. 

After the Rehearsal Dinner, Frank drove me home, held me in his arms, kissed me, and told me how much he loved me.  I told him how much I loved him and to please not let them hurt him or drown him at the Bachelor Party, which was to be held on the beach. Of course, knowing that the Three Musketeers would be together again, worried me! What could happen? Absolutely anything! I would definitely not get much sleep that night.

Frank promised me he would not get hurt and would not let anything keep him from marrying me the next day. 

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  1. A hectic time but seems you handled it very well. Amazing the maturity shown. I wonder how many today could handle the responsibilities so well.
    Thanks, for sharing these parts of your life.

    • Chuck, Thank you. Back in 1968 weddings were not as complicated as they are now. I thought about this as I wrote of these days leading upto our wedding.As an owner of a Florist, I realized how uncomplicated Frank and my wedding was compared to now
      Today the pressure to out do others weddings and the high expense of it all is astounding. Weddings only take a short time and they are really about the devotion and love to one another. As a Florist, I always tried to calm my soon to be brides down and reminded them of what really was important.
      Thank you for reminding me and your Beautiful Support.
      God Bless,

  2. Hot wired motorcycle….now THERE’S a distraction that can de stress all the wedding preparation. LOL

    • Kim, my Mom was so upset with my oldest brother, Jimmy. Lol. She never got upset with Frank even though they were equally involved in Mark seeing them hot wiring the motorcycle.
      Thank you for reading, enjoying, and laughing.
      God Bless You.

  3. Sounds a little like chaos, but much good came out of the chaos! I’m trying to get caught up with your posts, but am so far behind it will no doubt take me a while. I got back from my holiday on Saturday but didn’t turn the computer on until today. There were 830 e-mails waiting for me, so I have just finished plowing through them.

    • Wow! I would probably give up on that many emails. I pray you had a Great time on your holiday. My son and his family have been here from Jubail Saudi Arabia and we have been on the run for weeks but having so much fun.
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my chapters.
      God Bless You, Diane,

  4. We had a wonderful time. Wish it could have been longer. It is absolutely beautiful there. I will be putting some photos on my blog when I get them resized. The weather was great. The only problem was that I had a great deal of pain the whole time and that made walking not so very pleasant. But I survived. I think it was because I didn’t have my turmeric pain tea. There are just too many ingredients, and not all dry, to take away with me, so I had to do without.

    • I am glad you had fun but sorry you had some pain. I can’t wait to see your pictures.

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