Some Assembly Required, Really?

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What does the word “some” mean?  Unknown or unspecified?  Evidently, “some assembly required” has changed since I last put something together.

Maybe I expect too much or don’t understand how it all works.  Why would you ship a product in a box that is big enough for it to be fully assembled, if it needs to be put together?  Just shove those pieces in a smaller box!

The picture of the play kitchen I ordered looked like a “one-piecer” to me.  Dang thangy is made of plastic, just make a mold big enough for the whole “shebang” and pour in the plastic then you have one unit instead of three pieces that you want me to screw together.  

Another thing, this play kitchen was made out of thick plastic, if you want me to use a handheld screwdriver to screw in those five inches long screws, how about putting a hole in the darn plastic.  Just a small hole will help this woman out to get that darn screw started.  Geez!  

Let’s talk about stickers.  You know those things that you can never get straight in the places that they go then you have to squoosh out the air bubbles or pull’em back off hoping they will stick again.  Sometimes you can use a needle to put a little hole in the air bubble, that is if the darn sticker is on straight.  Is there some problem with just painting the plastic sorta cute like or putting the stickers on at the factory?

Of course, the instructions were ridiculous but they did provide an exact replica size of the screw to use next to each diagram.  Really?  I can see the different sizes to the two screws that came enclosed in the plastic bag with the ridiculous stickers.  I’m a math person, just give me a dang length of the screw.

Oh, and let’s talk about the ten thousand plastic tie thang-a-ma-jigs and those plastic little dudes that they use a machine to punch through cloth to hold it to the cardboard.  Good Grief!  Somebody evidently had a fun time with their automatic gun stapler putting as many of those thangys into the cute little apron, oven mitts, and chef hat to hold it to a darn piece of cardboard.

The instructions said to assemble the play kitchen by laying it flat on the floor so the pieces would stay to get while you use a screwdriver to hand screw the screws which meant you are sitting on your knees leaning over with your head nearly touching the floor so you can see while you are screwing.  No!  Bad ideal!  I suggest you screw the thangy together while it is laying on a table or big counter but it’s your knees and contorted body. You decide.

Well now, after two hours of “some assembly required”, I had the play kitchen put together and all stickered up.  Thinking that the word “some” means you’re gonna be doing a lot more screwing than you think.

I actually heard someone say the other day that they were ordering a bicycle with “some assembly required”.  Sending up prayers for them now.






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  1. Is it because we are older that some of these seemingly simple chores are NOT!

    • Absolutely, positively true. Lol!
      Thank you for your comment, Chuck.
      God Bless you and praying you have an Amazing Day.

  2. Frustrating is too mild a word to use for those things. I have had things that didn’t even have written instructions, just diagrams that made no sense at all. When I found the computer desk I wanted a few years ago (a big one with file drawers and a huge hutch) I discovered you had to put that darn thing together yourself. And since the desk was to go in my bedroom, where on earth would I find room to put all those huge pieces and then try to put them together. They are too heavy for one thing. I discovered I had the option to pay the store an extra $50.00 to assemble it for me and deliver it in one piece. It was well worth it. It is so heavy I cannot even move it to dust behind it. It has become a permanent structure. I really don’t think this has anything to do with age. I have had this sort of thing happen years ago and it wasn’t any different than now. I don’t think there are many items any more that you don’t have to put together with “some assembly required”. God bless. Have a great weekend.

    • You are so right, Diane. So many things require total assembly. I really do not like things out of particle board. They are way to heavy and most of the time do not hold together well.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      God Bless you.

  3. Fortunately my desk has held together well and is very sturdy. The drawers at least are actually made out of real wood. As for the rest, I think a lot of it may be pressboard covered with veneer. It was expensive, but worth it. I have had it for quite a few years now. It looks as though it will probably last for many years yet.

    • That is Awesome. I think the strangest thing I have bought recently was a real wood Cherry table with chairs. The table and all of the chairs had to be put together. That was a new experience for me. Lol.

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