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Sometimes something happens that totally takes me backward a few steps just for a moment in the mystery of wonderment.

This type of “thang” would instantly turn some peoples faces red, a fire would come from their eyes and they would get really upset.  Not me.

When I am totally surprised by nonreality of something I look for the humor in it first.  After all some kinda way it has to be funny.

Here’s the deal, this morning I got up early to post a chapter of my book on my Nancy Lou Henderson Facebook page titled   Apartment, Snoopy, Corncob Pipe.  The picture I chose for this chapter was a picture of an apartment building where Frank and I lived in Ayer, Massachusetts in 1968.  Actually, I am not even sure it is still an apartment building.

Apartment Building

Frank and Nancy Second Apartment In Ayer, Mass 1968

Anyhow, everything worked great as I copied the URL then added a short asking about what everyone did on their Nineteenth Birthday.  Sounds great, right?   I decided it would be a good idea to “Boost” the post which means you pay a small amount to Facebook to send to an audience with interests that you select.

After going through that whole process, I pushed the magic “Boost” button.  Suddenly, a big red message came up on the screen saying, “YOUR BOOST HAS BEEN DENIED! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLACE ADS ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE.   WOULD YOU LIKE TO APPEAL?”

Thinking, “Heck Yea!”  Now, this is where it gets good because I know what happened.  The first word of the title of my chapter is Apartment and the picture is of a large three-story building which looks like an apartment building and it was back in 1968!

I sent this message, “This post is not an ad.  It is a chapter of the book I am writing.  It occurs to me that maybe the whole title was not read before looking at the picture.”

Immediately, Facebook came back with an approval of my “Boost” then my phone Email dinger went off telling me that I had a new message.  When I went to the new message, opened it, and read it, this is what it said,  UPON FURTHER REVIEW WE HAVE BOOSTED YOUR NEW POST.  IS THERE ANYWAY WE CAN PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE?

Oh, My Goodness!  They should never have asked me that question because now I am in total humor mode!

My mind was going faster than a speeding bullet and I was laughing while typing but I composed myself and sent back this message, “Yes, I have a suggestion for you.  It seems it would be a great ideal if the entire title of my chapter is read when posted, not just the reading of the first word then looking at the picture.  I guess I could help you out by not choosing words for the first word of the title like dog, car, vacation, cat, house, clothes, etc, etc, etc …”.  Thank you and have Great Day.

Funny thing, I never heard from them again.  Ha! Ha!  Thinking I should send them some real Boost to get’em going in the morning.


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  1. That is “Hilarious” I wonder if it was a person making the first decision or an AI gadget related to your FitBit?
    Congratulation on following through.
    Most just get MAD and let it be.

    • Chuck, I really think it was an AI but still that thangy needs to read the total typed title. Lol! Maybe it is my Fitbit sending messages to the Facebook AI. Surely my Fitbit knows it needs me, LOL! I enjoyed typing this blog.
      God Bless you and thank you for keeping me out of trouble!

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