One More Goodbye

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Time & Distance: The Love Story of Nancy & Frank: Book III, Chapter 1 begins with Frank surprising me by coming home from Vietnam for a two week R&R.

Frank and I had been apart for six months with our only communication being through the letters that we wrote to each other.

The two weeks of Frank’s R&R would go by too quickly, and then we found ourselves in Houston at the airport saying goodbye again.

Today, I reshared Chapter 1 from Time & Distance, titled Two Weeks of Heaven in a post on Facebook and Twitter.  After rereading the chapter myself and listening to Ed Sheeran’s beautiful song, All Of The Stars,  I decided to do excerpt audio while playing his song.


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  1. Heart rendering. I hear in your voice…something I can’t pinpoint. You’re “there”, sad, heart broken, hopeful, in love, reaching back and connecting with the thread that can’t be broken, even still.

    • Thank you so much Theresa Rereading Frank’s letters always takes me back to that place and time. Thank you for listening to the Audio and commenting. I really appreciate it.
      God Bless You,

  2. impressive……simply, impressive…. Frank’s ability to put his emotions into words, your ability to express those emotions in your words…. impressive

    • Thank you so much Kim. I actually did the whole chapter but when I relistened to the song at the end by Ed Sheeran, I decided to try something different and the end of the chapter with Frank’s letter reached out to me.
      God Bless You, Kim and thank you for coming here and commenting.

  3. Love your expressive voice so clearly sharing Frank’s expression of True Love. The two of you were so blessed.

    • Thank you so much Chuck. I know I was certainly Blessed to have Frank in my life. His love for me was so complete. While reading his letter as I made this audio, I could hear his voice coming from his words as if he was talking to me.
      God Bless You, Chuck and thank you for your Beautiful comment.

  4. Nancy, I really felt the love you two shared in his letters. I also felt your sadness in leaving him at the airport. Your book is a testament of true love. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I Love you.

    • Helen, thank you so much for reading and your comment. You are such a wonderful friend and I love you very much.
      God Bless You,

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