New Year’s Eve, Chapter Three

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About a month or so after our first date and during our Christmas break, Jimmy, Frank and I  went to a New Year”s Eve 1967 party in Houston, Texas which was at my cousin and her husband’s house.

We left Van Vleck, and all went to my cousin’s home, together in my brother’s car. My cousin and her husband already knew Frank because they had met him at my Grandfather’s funeral in December so that no introductions would be needed. After we arrived at the party, everyone was already in party mode and munching on snacks that my cousin had provided for everyone.  The room was full of music and laughter.

“New Year’s Eve Party”

Frank and I decided that we would go into the kitchen to get some food and fix us something to drink. There was a lot of food on some of the counters, but one countertop held nothing but different kinds of sodas, condiments like candied red cherries, lemon slices, lime slices, green olives and many different types of bottles of liquor.

I was eighteen, but I had never drunk a mixed drink or beer. Drinking just was not something girls did back then that I knew in the town where I lived. Guys, on the other hand, seemed to drink beer, a lot of beer. I told Frank that I was going to make myself a mixed drink. Frank asked me if I wanted him to make it for me, but I told him no, I would do it myself.

After all, how hard could it be? Frank laughed but told me to go ahead. After picking a large glass, I poured some of all of the liquors in the glass until the glass was about two-thirds full, then I poured some of each kind of soft drink and finished it off by adding at least one of each condiment. Wow, that drink looked awesome!

Frank asked, “Nancy Lou, are you going to drink that?”

I replied, “Of course, I am.  Frank would you like me to fix you a drink just like mine?”

Frank told me he thought he would wait a while.  So, I took a big drink of my mixed beverage, which tasted wonderful.  I loved the taste of my mixed drink, so I took another big gulp. Frank was watching me, and then he told me that I might want to drink my beverage a little slower. Smiling at him, I said to him that I knew what I was doing and anyway it tasted great.

Frank and I walked back into the living room where everyone else was gathered then sat down on the couch. Wow, I felt good, but it had gotten really hot in there.  The music was playing loudly, and I just wanted to dance, so I got up off of the couch, stepped up onto the coffee table, and danced! I was even singing! I felt so free and alive!

Frank got up off of the couch and put his arms around my waist then lifted me off of the table. After my feet back were back on to the floor, Frank took my hand, led me through the kitchen then out the back door of the house to the backyard.

My cousin’s backyard sat next to a drive-in theatre.  The only thing that separated her back yard and the Drive-In Theatre was a fence. Wow! I could see the movie playing on the big screen, so I took off running for the wooden fence and proceeded to climb it! Frank was running behind me laughing then he pulled me off the fence before I could climb over it.

As he placed my feet back on the ground, I realized I was getting dizzy, and my legs felt wobbly.  Suddenly, Frank picked me up in his arms and carried me into the house but unfortunately that was the last thing I remember.

I have heard stories of other things I might have done, but then again, I claim innocence of those stories because I do not remember. The next thing that I do remember was Frank holding my hair back from my face while my cousin held a cold rag on my forehead as I was hanging my head over the toilet while sitting on the floor gagging and feeling like the contents of my stomach would never stop emptying.

I do remember my cousin telling Frank that she thought it would be best if he, Jimmy, and I just spent the night at their home and she would call my parents. At the time, I did not know that Jimmy was also passed out on the couch very drunk.

My cousin called my folks, told them that it was late, and she thought that because there would be many drunks on the road that we should spend the night at her house. My folks did not fall for it and told her we should drive on home. Of course, my cousin did not mention that two of us were hopelessly drunk, and we would be the drunks driving on the road.

Frank loaded Jimmy into the backseat of the car then he carried me to the car then put me into the passenger side of the front seat. I was literally in and out of consciousness. Frank, who was a person who did not know a lot about driving in Houston and was directionally challenge, climbed into the driver’s seat, started the car then we were on our way into the night.

Jimmy was passed out asleep in the back seat, but I kept tapping Frank on the shoulder so he would stop the car so that I could open my door to mainly dry heave. The trip home should have taken us only an hour and a half, but with Frank losing his direction and me making him stop the car, it took us three and a half hours.

I do not remember getting to my house, getting out of the car, getting undressed or into my bed that night but I do remember waking up in the morning with an awful headache.

For some strange reason, my folks were not upset with me the next morning but did seem to be enjoying my suffering a lot.

My basketball coach, who lived next door to my folks, came over to tell me that he had called a special practice for that afternoon then he laughed as he looked at me while telling me about it.

Well, I went to that basketball practice that afternoon, and the coach ran my booty off, yo-yo after yo-yo!

Frank called earlier in the day and came over to my house to check on me that evening. He told me it might just be better if I did not drink, and I said to him that I agreed.

Just because I like this song!

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  1. So….you never drank again? What about gettin back up onto the horse that threw ya? Lol. I’m glad you survived! Never did get blasted before I was in the service, and I think I kept it to a minimum even then! I will share one excerpt of a story that goes hand and hand to the part yours regarding drive home. My gf at the time and I had been to an afterparty and I was the designated driver. She on the other hand had too much to drink! On the way home, I had just enough time to get the window down before she began to upchuck…and this was the first time I’d be a witness to this kind of event! Now, I’d been in the medical field for many years and had seen thousands of people upchuck, always with an attendant noise that in many cases could make you experience nausea as well !!
    Well…the window was down and I, of course was expecting the worst! And that’s where I got the shock of my medically oriented life! She laid her head on the sill of the door and I watched he silently release her fluids from one side of her mouth! Not a peep! No gagging, no talkin to Ralph on the big white telephone, nada! The next mornin, I finally got around to mentioning what I observed and I guess that was probably one of the bigger laughs I ever got from her when I said, “You really surprised me ya know!” She asked, “How so?” “Well, let me put it this way…I’ve seen a few people upchuck in my time but you are absolutely the first I wouldn’t stand back from while they were in the middle of it!” “What do you mean, saw me throwin up?” “Yep..I sure did! But I have to tell you something about that.” “Oh please gawd was it bad?” I looked at her and smiled, “….no, let’s just say that when it comes to that sort of thing…you don’t puke ugly!” 😀

    • Lol, now I didn’t say I never drank again. I would also recommend no one ever mix Gin and grape juice, a definite toilet hugger mix but that’s another story.
      Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing your stories.
      God Bless you,

    • Always welcome! Hope all is well with you!

    • Yes, all is going well. I am learning new things but enjoying it.
      Thank you again.
      God Bless you,


    • Kim that is so true. I had never drank at all before and not very much after that. Frank never let me mix my own drinks again. Lol! We were such crazy young kids. Coach nearly killed me at practice.
      Thank you for your comment.
      God Bless you,

    • I know it could have gone all wrong.
      Thank you for your comment.
      God Blessyou,

  3. the memories are uncanny… I once mixed a strong whiskey drink for a new friend who unbeknownst to me had never drank before. She got it all down and passed out. A few of us carted her around for quite a while before she came to….. I could have killed her….

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