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What do I have on my mind?

>Well, it could have something to do with wanting to absolutely walk outside and toss the new home landline phone handsets into the road then watch a car run over them.  Oops!

See, I do have the patience to watch them get shattered but not the patience to set them up.  After all, I have been setting up the old landline phone for at least ten years.

Why don’t they make these things like cellphones where you touch ’em to each other like they’re mating then all of the info transfers?   Is there a problem with that technology?  Surely some two-year-old out there knows how to figure that out.

Have any of you bought any of these new landline phones lately? Well, let me tell you when you go to set up your phone directory, you best know what you are doing then be able to read the instruction sheet made by the sadistic twisted minds of the manufacturers.  Of course, I do like to take shortcuts sometimes but come on give me at least a good picture to follow.

Another thing, the phones will all have to be charged because evidently, the new batteries you place in the handsets have such a little charge that you can not do much with them for hours.  That’s just what I needed dead batteries in new handsets.  Gee, I had that in the old handsets.

I finally got some names in the directory. Of course, some are abbreviated slightly, some like Matthew went in as Mutt but heck nothing’s perfect. Right?  I know who it is and believe me, I am not going back into LaLa Land to change it. EVER!  When you have to push a button twenty times to get to a capital letter because you keep pushing too many times and keep passing it up. Oh, but don’t make the mistake of pausing for a second or it takes you on to the next stupid letter.

Okay, so I have a directory that only I understand. Who really cares? The problem I am having now is that I can’t seem to find a button to get me to the directory.  Geez!  I knew where it was on my old phone.  Does everything have to be different?

Finally, I found it, but now I have called at least ten people accidentally then quickly hung up.  Praying they don’t have caller ID but figure if I am in their caller ID, I am under stuff like, “Don’t Answer”, “Don’t, Answer Ever”, “Go Away”, “Ignore”, or “It’s Her”.

Hey, I’m good with all those names because they have no idea what my directory has them under.

Okay, gotta go and write a list of phone numbers to put by the new landline phone.  It is probably gonna take me a while to get this dang directory done.  Maybe even a few years.

Dang, not one car has come by yet, I guess I will have to wait for another day to toss the phones.

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