My Writer Muses

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My Writer Muses

God has always played a significant role in my life, so when He gave me a purpose to write, He became my spiritual muse. It might seem strange to some writers to have God as your muse, but not for me, it felt completely natural. So, with God at the helm, I began my writing journey.

When I was at a loss to find the words to express myself in my writing, God sent me the right words.  If unexpected everyday crises came up to pull me from writing on the computer, He quickly helped resolve those problems.  Sometimes, I was surprised by how swiftly He could move the mountains.

Along my new journey of writing, excellent seasoned writers became my friends. Since never having met them face to face, I call them my human cyberspace friend muses. Unselfishly, they have and continue to encourage and inspire me to do my best, edit carefully keeping my writer’s voice, and pay it forward to other new writers.  I am still amazed that they consider me a writer, and my respect for all is immense.

So far, the two biggest surprise muses are poetry and perspective writing.  I never thought about writing poetry or stories giving human-like characteristics to lifeless material things.  My poetry muse seems to like to come for a visit as I get comfortable in my bed at night. Thank goodness, the poems inspired by the night goddess poetry are sweet and straightforward, allowing me some sleep.  The perspective muse has become one of my favorites.  For some reason, I find it fun to give an object a personality and voice.  I imagine that other writers find it just as much fun when creating fictional characters in their stories.

A muse that has been with me all of my life is humor.  I love comedy and see it in everything around me.  My God muse blessed me with the ability to laugh at myself and use my experiences in life to make other people laugh.  One of the essential things in life is laughing at ourselves and realizing we are not perfect but unique individuals.

The muse, which changed from one form to another but has given me confidence throughout my life, is my soulmate.  Although my soulmate muse has transcended from a living human form into spiritual energy, he still influences me with his love and presence giving me confidence in this world and realization of the existence of the next. When I write of my beliefs in the afterlife, it is because of the beautiful encounters I have had with my soulmate’s spiritual energy.

Grandparents, Parents, Children, Grandchildren, etc. have influenced and inspired me to write some way or the other.  I call my older generations, my foundational ancestry muses, and my younger generations, my offspring muses. The ancestry muses have given me different pieces of their personalities and talents to draw from then bring to the surface. It is a beautiful experience to research then find out that a portion of them exists inside of me.  I am always influenced and inspired by my ancestor’s strength and morals as I write.

As far as the offspring muses, they give me a look at innocence and how life around them has and continues to influence them. I find myself watching them, seeing their different personalities and dispositions. The offspring muses, without a doubt, awakened the poetry muse that hibernated inside of me.

Nature, pictures, music, voices, death, birth, catastrophes, sun, moon, clouds, etc. influence what a writer writes and can become a unique muse to them.  Since I see, believe that God is in charge of all things that inspire and influence a writer, He will always be my greatest muse.







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