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Well now, I bought a new Artificial Christmas Tree this year and it arrived today.

The last two years I have had a chopped down real Christmas tree.

The artificial tree I had before the last two years, I purchased many years ago and it was absolutely Beautiful.

Meanwhile back to the arrival of my new tree.  UPS Dude skid to a stop in front of my house a few hours ago but before I could get to the door from the couch, probably four steps, the Dude set the tree box down in front of my clear glass storm door then literally ran back to the UPS truck. Fat chance he was gonna help me carry it into the entry hall but I did smile and waved my best goodbye wave to him.

No problem, after I went through the other door that goes outside from the entry hall, I finally tugged and pulled it out from in front of the door then I drug that heavy box in by myself. I’m no sissy.

After the non-sissy sat down quickly to catch my breath, I opened the box which had another box inside it, so I opened that box too.

Looking into that box all I could see was bubble wrap. They actually bubble wrapped my tree sections? Oh, and they also taped the bubble wrap round and round with clear-cut-your-finger-if-you-try-to-break-it tape! Who does stuff like that? The dang Christmas Tree Sadist?

Anyway, I found the instructions “taped” to the bottom of the box. After pulling half the cardboard up from the bottom of the box trying to get that dang-sticky-from-hell tape loose, I finally had the instructions in my hand which was still bleeding a little from the bubble wrap tape!

Okay, the instructions are basically put A into stand then B into A then C into B, hook up the lights to the cord, and plug it into the wall outlet. I’ve had one of these trees before so I am familiar with how it is done.

I went to the pieces of the tree that were unwrapped from the bubble wrap and that blankety-blank “TAPE”, then looked for the letters that would mark the individual pieces. Of course, there were no letters! Why would I have thought there would be??

Okay, I figured it all out, put the pieces together the way I thought they should go then I noticed all of the lights look clear. Oh no! This is not my tree because mine is supposed to have multicolored lights.

After thinking about it for at least a fleeting second, I decided I would make due. So, I plugged the lights in and they were still clear, (don’t know why I thought they would magically change) but I noticed this funny round thangy with a push button on it near the plug. I pushed the button and “Bingo” colored lights!  Pushed it again and it is flashing like runway lights.  There are at least eight different light shows on this tree.  I really just needed one, multicolored real colors of Christmas lights without any flashing going on.

Have I missed something? Weren’t Christmas Lights red, green, blue, orange, and yellow? Not now! These lights on this tree are red then iridescent lilac, yellow-green, yellow, and bright-blue with mostly bright-blue and lilac! Something about the tree with the lights turned on reminds me of one of those extraterrestrial spaceship thangys with lights. Definitely gonna have to throw lots of red tinsel on this tree.

Should I buy little spaceships and hang them on my tree?  I usually have a lot of manger scenes on my tree.  Is baby Jesus gonna like the light show?  Lots to think about here, for sure.

Well, I had to turn the lights off so, I can now spend at least three hours working the branches that got all squished up by the bubble wrap. Glad I was a Florist.

Thinking maybe it’s best to not order a tree online. Lol

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  1. This is so close to home. We went “artificial” (not intelligence) a few years ago.
    The second year set up was easier.
    They are easier to maintain. ~~smile

    • Yes, they are but the new artificial trees have changed a lot. The one I had for so many years wad just beautiful. This one will have to grow on me, lol. I am nearly through spreading out the limbs then I will decorate. Great Grands are gonna love it. I hear Elyse, my two-year-old Great Granddaughter, has already been banned from touching her tree. They actually had to put up a fence around it. LOL!
      Thank you for your comment Chuck and all you do for so many.
      God Bless You and Praying you have an Awesome Day.

  2. Don’t you just love ordering stuff online? I never cease to marvel that my cleaning products from Amazon come with the huge air-filled bags surrounding them and my toilet roll and tissues and paper roll all come in nice large boxes filled with aforesaid huge air filled bags. Sigh one would think that in this age of recycling and whatnot that there would be a better delivery system that would not consist of multiple boxes. Loved reading this today and I smiled because I have been there.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am always amazed at how much packing is in boxes I receive. I am so glad that this post made you smile which is what it was intended to do. I like to find humor in all things around me and then I write about it.
      God Bless You and praying you have an Amazing Day.

  3. Yes, Christmas trees have become products or commodities now more than representative of family love and get togethers. I’ve seen the ones advertised on TV that tries to retain family fun and goodwill but it is mostly consumer-related now. I waS trying to understand how you cut yourself on bubble wrap. But I think it was in cutting the bubble wrap that it became a problem. Maybe your Santa will come from Outer Space this year…
    Love,Amy Thank you for sharing youro traditions with your readers!

    • I actually cut myself on the clear tape wrapped around the bubble wrap, lol! It really was only a nick but since I write humor I might have blown it out of proportion some. I am praying to not have any Alien visits for Christmas but If I do I will just give them a candy cane.
      Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and coming here to comment.
      God Bless you and praying that you have an Amazing Day.

  4. Thanks for the laugh. I have had artificial trees for years as I was told when I moved in here nearly 42 years ago that we were not allowed to have a real tree. I had a 7′ tree for quite a few years then decided to go with a 4′ on a table. Two years ago I could not find one of the 3 pieces that fit in the slots to make the stand, so had to improvise with a piece of wood I had, and it worked fairly well except that the tree was a little tilted. I used the same solution last year. But then I found the other piece, so this year, if I haven’t lost it again, I will have all the pieces. I bought my tree from the store and it had only white lights. I already had a strand of 400 colored lights, so I just string that on the tree as well. It is well lit up by the time I get through. I still have that to look forward to this year as I have not started any decorating yet. When I had the 7′ tree I didn’t have anywhere to store it, so I left it up in the corner all year (minus the Christmas decorations of course) and put birds and nests on it.

    • That’s a great ideal, Diane. Believe me, I have thought about just leaving mine up all year. I have been so busy that I am just now taking the time to write a new chapter in our Memoir. I can write the Widow’s blogs really quickly but the Memoir takes a lot of thinking and recall. I have been trying to share a lot on my author Facebook page to entertain everyone.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.
      God Bless you,

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