Life Is Brief

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Leaves floating in the air


Budding and growing in early Spring,

shaping, then becoming colors of green.

Rustling and holding tight,

cooling, then shading in the sunlight.

Changing and turning brown in the Fall,

floating, then bouncing like a ball.

Rolling and sailing in the wind,

rising, then gliding once again.

Twirling and dancing in the air,

landing, then resting somewhere.

Understanding and loving being a leaf,

Accepting, then knowing life is brief.


March 14, 2020
















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  1. Thank you for sharing this poem. The audio is also a wonderful addition

    • Thank you, Chuck. I really appreciate your comment and you reading plus listening to my poem.
      God Bless You.

  2. Love it, Nancy. So descriptive of the life of a leaf. Can’t hear this audio either. Too bad. My computer’s volume is as high as it goes, too. Keep those poems coming. God bless.

    • I emailed you the audio. I can hear it fine on my computer.
      Thank you for liking my poem.
      God Bless You, Diane,

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