Letters 5 & 6 from Basic, 1968

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Please, Mr. Postman

The next letter from Frank shows just how upset and isolated he was feeling.  He had not received my letters, but they were at least on the way.


March 7, 1968,

Dear Nancy,

I finally got a pen (19 cents).  I wanted to write you this letter in ink for a change.  As you know, I’m lonely after a week, and I’m tired both physically and mentally and Nancy, like I warned you before I left, I’m liable to say anything when I get in my depressed moods so don’t think anything about it because you know I love you and trust you.

I guess you are getting tired of hearing the same old, I miss you, I love you and write to me, but that is exactly the way I feel.  I listen to mail call every day for my name and get disappointed if you don’t, but I understand, I guess you are busy.   After I wrote to you last night, I was so nervous that I was shaving and somebody yelled, and I jumped and ripped my chin wide open for about 3 inches.  I was supposed to go get stitches, but I was too busy, and If I missed anything, I would have to make it up and be late getting out. Please send me your picture as soon as you get one.  Well, I have to clean the latrine at 8:30 p.m. and it is fifteen after and then at 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. I have to stand fire watch.  Baby, I can’t tell you how I feel.  I can try, but I know I can’t get it across, so just believe me when I tell you, I love you very much and miss you tremendously. All my Love,


P.S.  Have you been out to see Moma (Mother-in-law) and Daddy (Father-in-law) 

I remember getting the above letter from Frank, and it really upset me.  Frank was always smiling and very calm in all situations, but he was really feeling the intensity of basic training.  My heart hurt for Frank, but I knew there was nothing I could do, which made me cry and feel worthless at the time.  I prayed that he would receive my letters quickly because I had sent them by airmail. 

Frank kept on writing to me knowing in his heart how much I loved him, and that soon he would get letters from me. 


March 10, 1968 

Dear Nancy,

How are you doing kid?  Let me tell you something; I love you very much. Hey, they just started playing, “I Love You,” it fits, doesn’t it.    

Let me tell you what happened a few days before we got here, one guy hung himself, one guy got cut on the back 10 times with a razor, and one got his head pushed out a 2nd story window.  Everyone has crutches or is limping or has been to sick call.  But I am ok, and I’ll make it.   We get our guns tomorrow and Sunday I plan to go to church (I did last Sunday, too).  I’m still waiting on those letters and a picture.  I can’t tell you how it is up here.  (I’ll try, Hell.)

I am known as Tex, and everyone wants to know if we still kill Indians and wear ten-gallon hats and boots.  We finally got to go to the PX tonight and get a few items like a sewing kit, etc.   Nancy, I’ll have to finish this letter tomorrow because I have CQ watch tonight in 10 minutes and I have to take a shower and shave and make up my bed.

Well, I’m back (3:07 p.m.) the next day.  We got the afternoon off  (WOW) after we took our pictures in our class a uniform for our Co. B book.  Look, kid, I took out some saving bonds in your name.  At $6.25 a month, we will get 1 every 3 months ($18.75).  I named Miss Nancy L. Blakley as the beneficiary because soon Miss Nancy L. Henderson will be Mrs. Loren F. Henderson, Jr.  I’m getting over being depressed all the time and learning to laugh again.  I still miss you but I’m learning to take it better (except on nights, especially tonight which is Saturday). I’m going to church tomorrow like I did last Sunday. 

Well, write me If you get a chance, I’ll be more than glad to hear from you. Talk is that we get out May 2, but don’t bank on it. 54 more days to go


P.S.  Don’t forget, I love the hell out of you.  Be good and please write me and let me know how the Wedding is coming along. 


Frank had left on February 27, 1968, for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri but spent a week at the reception area and then went to the basic training where he finally received an address where I could send him letters.  Rereading his letters truly makes my heart hurt now.  Mail service was so slow back in 1968.

1968 Delfonics
“La-la Means I Love You”

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  1. Fire watch, charge of quarters, the seemingly endless harassment…all designed to break us down so they could remake us into soldiers. The drill instructors always had some menial task for us to do, just to keep us from relaxing…..I xan only imagine how hard it must have veen on you and all the other women who sat at home wondering what was going on with their loved ones….thanks again for inviting me to read your posts.

    • Thank you for reading Kim. Frank was the writer and you see it in his letters. He is told me everything that was happening to him and talked to me as if I was in the room with him.
      The 100+ letters I have from him while he was in Vietnam are amazing. They will come up on the website after I finish Okinawa.
      You will see that I am judt the ghost writer, he is the writer.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. It means so much to me.
      God Bless you.

  2. GBY

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