I Miss You

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Frank and Nancy Henderson

I miss the man who held my hand as we walked together through this life.
I miss your beautiful-dimpled cheeks with a smile that made my heart come alive.
I miss you having faith in me to become anything without fear.
I miss your physical body always being near.
I miss the way you gently brushed my hair,
while I sat on the floor in front of your chair.
I miss you holding me close and drying my tears.
I miss you saying, I love you softly in my ears.
I miss you listening to me without interruptions,
letting me come to my own conclusions.
I miss you allowing me to make mistakes without judgments,
and never scolding me with negative comments.
I miss you for loving me just the way God made me,
and not being afraid to let others know and see.


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  1. Another priceless gem. You have such an uncanny ability to convey LOVE

    • Thank you, Chuck. Love entails the big gestures of gifts and the little simple moments that cost nothing. What I remember and miss involves those special simple moments together sometimes without words, but always feeling loved.
      God Bless You,

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