I Love You

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Great Grandson


I Love You

Although you think that I don’t see,

hiding and peeking, you look at me.

With deep beautiful dimples, you smile,

warming my heart, all the while.

Big, round, and blue as the clear skies,

I see your sweet soul in your eyes.

When you laugh, you fill the room with joy,

Thanking God for making such a sweet boy.

Handsome and shy, you will go far,

one day becoming a shining star.

God gave you talents of your very own,

wondering what you will be when grown,

From Heaven above, God protects and loves you,

and here on earth, I love you too.


May 3, 2020

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  1. This is beautiful and touches my Maw-Maw heart!

    • Thank you so much Elaine. It has been so much fun for me to write these poems for my Great Grandchildren. They are all so different but share a Special place in my heart.
      God Bless You,

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