I Love You, Nancy

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I Love You, Nancy

Frank Henderson in Vietnam


In my bunk at night, I lay,

just counting the hours in a day.

For soon it will be all over,

then nothing but blue skies and green clover.

All the long lonely nights of the past

will end when we are together at last.

I think of you and how your beautiful eyes shine

when I look at you and lay it all on the line.

My love is for only you, and it’s nice.

I wouldn’t change that love for any price.

Our love is so wonderful and fulfilling,

and will always be, God willing.

He has given us something that is beyond compare.

He has given us something that only we share.

For you, I’ll gladly die in this lonely land,

because my life is you, and you’ve given me your hand,

and said, “Frank, by you I’ll always stand.”

You said, “I’ll love you for an eternity,”

and you have as anyone can see.

I am what I am because you are what you are,

and together, as one, we can go so far.

You’ve given me yourself, your love, your life,

and I thank God that you, Nancy, are my wife.

I love you, Nancy.


Written By Loren Frank Henderson, Jr.

November 4, 1971

While In

Phu Bui, Vietnam

My first poem from Frank

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