I Lost Me

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bends in the road

I Lost Me

I lost a deep desire,

with a brightly burning fire.

I lost the will to be,

 the truth inside of me.

I lost a yearning to be much more,

but then faith led me to a new door.

Opening the door to a beautiful sight,

finding me in the glowing light.

I lost me, but now I can see,

I was not lost; God was holding me.

 He gently put my feet on the ground

but surprise-filled me once turning around.

Glowing embers burned brightly at my feet below.

God placed on new logs then gave them a blow.

The logs began to flame as a new fire grew,

but beyond the flames, there was something new.

A path laid beyond with many bends in the road,

and at each bend stood an angel ready to help carry the load.

Far in the distance shone a beautiful light

that I knew would be a magnificent sight.

I lost me but only for a little while.

My faith found me, and then God made me smile.


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