I Am Sick of Myself

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Nancy Lou

For some reason, Myself has become a total nuisance.  Although I am used to being alone with Myself, we are not getting along.  As a matter of fact, we are not even speaking to each other.

I want to do stuff around the house, but Myself thinks we are on vacation and wants to sit on the couch playing games on my phone or watching Netflix movies.  Lord forbid an exciting series comes up on the screen with ten thousand episodes, Myself wants to watch, which becomes an all-nighter.

Myself thinks it’s fun to make me want to snack and drink water, then signals me to run to the bathroom. You would think Myself would know that there is a toilet paper shortage. Nope!

I have writing to do to finish Book IV of my Memoir, but Myself thinks I should write about Myself. Did I tell you all that I am sick of myself?

Just yesterday, Myself convinced me that I do not need to cut my hair because nobody will see me. I told myself that I would still see me in the mirror, and Myself laughed at me. Really?   Evidently, Myself has no respect for me.

I’m not even going to tell you how Myself laughed when I was exercising.

Well, it looks like Myself, and I are going to have to call a truce by realizing we are stuck here together. Thinking if I can sneak around doing things, Myself won’t know what is happening or maybe just send myself to timeout.

Now I have real writing to do, and I hope Myself is happy with this ridiculous blog.

And I said to Myself, “Get a life! I’m dancing to Wipeout!”

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  1. I really want to meet “Myself”…
    Coming or Going?

    • Absolutely! Lol! Myself is so unruly.
      God Bless You,

    • This was great Nancy. It made me laugh and there was a little bit of sadness in there for the truth it presents to Myself. I know all to well as a single person what it’s like to pull an all nighter binge watching a Netflix show. Myself and I need to quit ignoring each other and come to some kind of compromise. I’m exhausted! 🌼

    • Thank you, Terry. I thought it would be fun to write something funny.
      God Bless You and thank you for your comment.

  2. Oh, goodness, I needed to laugh today. Thank you for providing me with a good one! Well done, and well said. I have a Myself that I call a dumb a$$ at least a dozen times a day.

    • Carmen, you just made me laugh too. I am so happy I made you laugh. I laughed while writing this blog too.
      God Bless You My Sweet Friend.

  3. Thanks, Nancy. I needed that tonight. BTW, you were dancing to Wipeout. When I was Jr. Hi age, those of us on drums in marching band had to learn Wipeout and we used it for cadence. We didn’t actually march as much a strutted down the street. 🙂 Memories!

    Now, if I can get Myself out of this chair and to bed, maybe I can accomplish something later today when I get up, if Myself will cooperate.


    • Jerry, I think it is great that you played drums, my son did too.
      They played thos song over and over. I have danced to this sing but not lately. Lol
      God Bless You

  4. Me myself and I… oftentimes separate people lol….do you often lose the argument with yourself? 🙂

    • Kim, I always argue with Myself and usually lose. Lol
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      God Bless You My Friend.

  5. It sounds quite familiar, talking to Myself. I do that too. I Hardly ever listen to myself, cause I don’t want to do what Myself says I need to do! That was quite a tickler to the ole laughter box. Thank you Nancy!

    • It is easy during these times to get sick of listening to ourselves, but our choices are scarce. LOL
      God Bless You, Helen, and thank You for reading and commenting.
      I Love You,

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