Honeymoon & HemisFair 1968

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Honeymoon & HemisFair 1968


Waking up that first morning as Frank’s wife was surreal.  Wondering was it all a dream or reality, then I heard Frank say, “Good Morning Mrs. L. F. Henderson, Jr.” and I knew it was real.

Frank and I did what we needed to do to get dressed then repacked our suitcases so we could get a start on our first day as Husband and Wife.

I should stop right here and say “thank you” with very deep appreciation to my Mom and her good friend, Peggy Goodloe Fisher.  Evidently, they were feeling very mischievous while I was in the shower the day of my Wedding, so they sprinkled a huge bag of rice into my suitcase which I thought I could entrust them with while it was sitting safely and securely in the front hallway of my parent’s home. As they planned and anticipated, the rice did get into every crease and cranny of every piece of clothing in my suitcase!  May 9, 1968, would be the beginning of a rice trail my suitcase would leave across Texas

Frank and I did not have a planned out Honeymoon.  This was totally a part of Frank’s beautiful personality, he loved to just get in a car then head out without a plan then stop and explore along the way.   So when we left the Holiday Inn, we headed North on Highway 35 towards Houston, Texas then kept on going.

As we drove, Frank and I were talking about our Wedding and discussing who was there when Frank remembered that his Uncle from DeSoto, Texas had not been able to come to the Wedding.   Since we were only a few miles from DeSoto during that part of our conversation, Frank and I decided to pay him a visit.

Frank’s Uncle was very surprised when we walked into the bank where he was working.  Frank introduced me to his Uncle and he told us that he would like to take us out for supper.  When Frank’s Uncle closed the bank, we all headed to his home.  He was really excited to see us and told us that he wanted us to stay the night at his home so we could all go out to eat, visit, and not feel rushed.

Frank’s Uncle took us to a Steakhouse in Dallas to eat supper which was absolutely an amazing place.  He ordered Filet Mignon Steak for me.  I had never eaten Filet Mignon but it has been forever ingrained in my mind now and just how awesome it was but it still took second place to meeting and visiting with my new Uncle which was just wonderful.

The next morning early, we all had breakfast together then Frank and I got back on the road again.  This time we headed towards Dallas, Tx.  Frank wasCaravan Motor Hotel Arlington a big history fan and wanted to see the Book Depository in Dealey Plaza where “supposedly” a single gunman had shot and killed President John F. Kennedy from a window.  We parked and walked in front of that building, talking about what had happened there, and coming to our own conclusions then we left and headed towards Arlington, Texas where we spent our third night at a Caravan Motel.

The next morning we headed towards San Antonio, Texas stopping along the way looking in shops. We stopped in Waco, Texas to eat lunch at a place called The Chicken Shack then we continued our drive towards San Antonio but stopped just North of there at a  Rodeway Inn because it had gotten late in the evening.

By now you are probably thinking I have a really great memory.   Absolutely not, I just have memorabilia that Frank had saved and put into that “Magical Cedar Chest” for me to be led to find forty-seven years later.


Memorabilia from Our Honeymoon

The next morning we got up early and drove into San Antonio.  While on our drive Frank told me that we were going to the HemisFair which was the Offical 1968 World’s Fair.  I was totally surprised and really excited as he was telling me about it. Our first priority was to find a place to stay.  We looked for the famous Tower of The Americas which we did finally see rising high in the skyline above the city of San Antonio then headed in its direction.

Of course, we got lost.  San Antonio is a city where the roads seem to go in circles.  We were without a map so we stopped and bought one at a filling station.  After traveling in circles and ending up at dead ends,  we decided that we were close enough to the HemisFair to arrive there early the next morning.  We rented a room at a Travelodge where we would stay for the duration of our Honeymoon.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at the swimming, eating Oreo cookies which we had bought at a little store close by, making plans for the next day, and watching TV in our room but for the life of me, I can not remember what we watched on TV.

The next day we got up early and headed for the HemisFair which we finally made it to after driving in several circles following the roads listed on the map.  We spent the whole day there.  We rode the elevator to the top of The Tower of the Americas where we ate lunch at the restaurant while we took in the view as the restaurant revolved letting us see a panoramic sweep of the Texas countryside then we rode the elevator back down and walked through the fair.

HemisFair 1968

Our Little Grandfather’s Clock from Germany

Frank won for me a blue teddy bear at one of the game places along the pathway through the booths then he bought me a small winding grandfather’s clock with a key which is only eight inches tall and was made in Germany.  It still works and I still have it fifty years later.

After a full day of walking around the HemisFair and enjoying everything there, we went back to the Travelodge.  The next morning was Mother’s Day so after breakfast, we called our Moms and wished them a Happy Mother’s Day then we decided it would be fun to visit the Alamo.

After we visited the Alamo we went out to eat at a nice restaurant then headed back to the Travelodge to eat Oreo cookies and watch TV.   Sorry, I just don’t remember what we watched on TV.

The next morning Frank and I loaded up our luggage, mine, of course, nearly empty of rice, and headed back to Van Vleck, Texas where we would have less than six days together before Frank would leave for his new Army training in at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts

Frank and I had made a decision that would not be very popular with others but we decided that I would start attending school again after he left for Ayer, Mass., knowing that I could make up the work I would miss at school but not wanting to spend one minute away from Frank until I had to.

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  1. Some of the greatest times seem to come from just being…no plans, just let it take care of itself… 😉

    • Kim that is so true. Frank was a spur of the moment kind a man. I was the OCD planner but he taught me to just go with the easiness of one moment at a time.
      Thank you for commenting and God Bless you, Kim.

  2. I have often found that doing something on the spur of the moment is much more fun and memorable than making all kinds of plans. But of course there are times when plans are absolutely necessary. Sounds like you had a wonderful honeymoon – much more fun than some of the very expensive trips many people take.

    • Frank would always be spur of the moment. He loved to just say, “Let’s go Lou”, then we would pack up and get in the car.
      I loved the carefree nature that was so much apart of Frank.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      God Bless You, Diane,

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