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What is happening with these Facebook Robots?

What has happened to the idea of being able to talk to real people on the phone when a problem arises?  Robots, which I refer to as Bots, have taken over nearly every business, especially on Facebook, when we try to make human connections and sure, the Bots ask you some questions then tell you which number you need to push to get to another Bot which in turn asks you more questions with other numbers you can select. If you can not get the right question, then you are put on hold for an associate to answer your questions.  Usually, the associate will be very busy, and the Bot will ask you to call back later then you are mysteriously disconnected.

Not sure why I blame my phone for this, but I am sure that the phone does not need to suffer any more abuse from my hopeless reactions. Please, always try to be in control by gently placing your phone back on to its base.

Okay back to the Bots.  Many Bots run Facebook.  Very few people are behind them.  You can only communicate with those few people through texting into a screen box provided to you by Facebook when a problem arises.  I have not noticed if there is a specific number of words you may use, and believe me, I have texted in many words.  Of course, only nice thought-provoking words.

Businesses and Authors boost posts on their business pages which is a way to get there business or books out to the Facebook public.  It seems to me that these Facebook Bots have gone rogue lately.  They are not allowing boosts of posts for reasons that make absolutely no sense.  Bots have a failure to be able to see and read, so how are they making their decisions anyway?

As an example, I posted an “excerpt of a page” that is in a chapter of a book I am in the process of writing.  This post mentioned God, Miracles, and Our Baby.  It was flagged as inappropriate by Facebook Bots.  Well now, I am writing a Memoir which includes God, Miracles, and the birth of Our Baby.  On the Facebook rejection screen, there is a place to text a message to them telling them that you want a real person to look at the reason for your rejection.  For the fifteenth hundredth time, I reminded them that my page was an Author page and I was writing a Memoir as it happened, sharing chapters free to read, and which included God, Miracles, and Our Baby.

Before trying to boost that post again, I wrote another post telling everyone in Facebook Land why the boost of the “excerpted post” failed.  In this new post, I included God, Miracles, and Our Baby as the inappropriate wording that I had used then I boosted it.  The second post boost was accepted immediately by the Facebook Bots! So, I tried to boost the “excerpted post”, but rejection ensued again.  Now I am not a rocket scientist, but this made no sense at all to me, so I went to the post and changed it not to include God, Miracles, and Our Baby to see if it would go through when I tried to boost it again.  Bingo!  Boost went through immediately.

Meanwhile back at the farm, the post about Facebook Bots thinking my post was inappropriate, was getting response after response from many people.  I could barely keep up with thanking all of the people for their likes and comments.  There was definitely lots of love for God, Miracles, and Our Baby as appropriate out in Facebook land.

Facebook Bots let you know when someone new to your page has liked or made a comment then asks you if you would like to invite them to like your page then they provide you with an invite button for you to push to do just that.  Well, from previous experience with this button, I realize if you go down the line clicking on the invite button too quickly, the Facebook Bots think that you are also a Bot and they will block you from inviting people.  How could an average person push that button so quickly?  Really?  It takes just a simple click.  I purposely take my time randomly inviting through the list so as not to be too quick or being thought of as a Bot, but it never fails after many invites that I get blocked from inviting people to like my page.

Now I am given another message screen with a place to text Facebook real people.  After explaining to them in a long, elaborate text message that I am not a Dang Bot and that inviting people as they like my post most likely means they are still online at that very moment.  They can see my invitation and can decide on their own whether to accept it or not.  I wait for them to lift the block.  Of course, I am still waiting. In the meantime, I have posted a new post telling everyone they are invited to like my page because Facebook blocked me from inviting them.

Wow, feeling like I am riding a Merry-Go-Round, but Facebook Bots did me a favor in going rogue by helping me getting many new likes and follows to my Author page by God Loving Believing in Miracles People.

Thinking maybe in twenty-four hours I can slowly click some more invite buttons.




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