Bouncing Golden Curls

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Little Girl With Golden Curls

Bouncing Golden Curls

Bouncing golden curls running through the grass,

Singing, dancing, spinning, having just a touch of sass.

Bouncing golden curls looking to the sky,

Stopping, smiling, pointing, saying Angels are flying by.

Bouncing golden curls kneeling on one knee,

Smelling, touching, picking, giving wildflowers to you and me.

Bouncing golden curls although only three,

Living, loving, caring, showing God’s love for all to see.

January 24, 2020

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  1. Such a cutie!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Velma. She is a pure joy to be around. She always hugs you and tells you how much she loves you.
      I am not a poet, but the words just came to me, so I wrote them down.
      God Bless You, and I love you.

  2. A wonderful way to start the day. We all need unbridled FUN in our lives. Thank you for sharing bouncing golden curls

    • Chuck, thinking unless we pause to see this world through a child’s eyes, we miss the serenity of the love and beauty that surrounds us. Seeing my Great Granddaughter running through the grass reminded me of being a little girl innocent of all the things that can taint us.
      God Bless you and thank you for your comment.

  3. I love it, Nancy! It is very picturesque and rhythmic. It’s very well written. Maybe you are a poet after all?

    • Thank you, Diane. I rarely write poetry, but when God sticks something in your head, it is best to write it down. I am getting an excellent response to the poem, which surprised me. It is on my Youtube channel, and I entered it in some online places.
      Spillwords did a beautiful job in their posting of The Cedar Chest. I like them, and they are so helpful.
      God Bless You.

  4. Yes, Spillwords did do a great job on the Cedar Chest. I left a comment there too.

    • Thank you so much. You are a true friend.
      God Bless You,

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