Are There Secrets to the Polar Plunge?

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I watched several videos January 1st. shared on Facebook by The Geneva Shore Report, a newspaper based in the town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. These videos were of the crowds of people in Lake Geneva getting ready then actually doing the annual Polar Plunge.

Even though I live in Texas, I love this newspaper.   They share the news, weather, and special happenings of their town in videos daily and in their paper published once a week in print and online.

The newspaper is owned by James Strauss who is a gifted author of many books and totally admired by his readers.  He can absolutely write anything he decides to write, and he has at least four books being written by him right now, of course, all at the same time.

James has surrounded himself at the newspaper with awesome investigative reporters.  His good friend for 49 years, Chuck Bartok, from California, puts the paper together for them and gets it ready to publish on their website and on Facebook.  I understand these two friends know a lot about oxygen but that’s all hearsay.

They are all so much fun to watch in the videos.  This team actually click and feed off of if each other’s dialogue.

Lisa is the wind direction/speed specialist and even has a little Dumaflotce that catches the wind then gives its speed.

Dawn has shown us all how to do the hair flip with her beautiful long brown hair and she wears some really awesome shoes.

Ski knows clouds, ceiling height of visibility for airplanes and best of all when it is time to tell Palm Beach to get up and go home.

George, the cameraman, spends a lot of time trying to catch them all off guard and films them before they know the camera is actually turned on.  He makes subtle wisecracks that they really can’t hear but listeners can.  I love that. I have never seen it but he has a secret sign to tell them all when to wrap it up.

Jen is the quiet one and can keep a straight face even when things get crazy.  I think she is probably the one who keeps them all under control.

I guarantee that you will love these reporters doing the news and weather videos. They absolutely know what is going on in their town.  Not sure they ever sleep.

Now back to this Polar Plunge thangy.  As I have told you, Lake Geneva participates in the annual Polar Plunge and The Geneva Shore Report covered it in many videos shown on their Facebook Page.  As I watched these videos of hundreds of people ready to shed layers of clothes to get down to their bathing suits, material ones, not the one they entered the world in, then plunge into that icy cold water, I wondered. “Why are they doing that?”

After thinking about this all day, I decided that there must be some secrets they know that some of us do not know.

Is this Polar Plunge a secret way to get rid of wrinkles.  Lord knows the skin has to react quickly like a stretched rubber band popping back against the muscles as these people plunged into that icy cold lake.  Maybe they actually do it every day but just show us one day of the plunge to keep the secret of the wrinkle cure.

Another thing, could this also be a weight reduction technique?  Think about it, excess fat could actually be getting frozen in the plunge then when warmed up again, could it melt like ice or butter.

Is this a new method of birth control?  Thinking this Polar Plunge thangy has many secrets.

Did I tell you that they are building an Ice Castle on the beach of the lake?  Is this so they can go in there when the lake is too warm to erase wrinkles and freeze off excess fat hidden away in the castle?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know but I plan to keep watching The Geneva Shore Report Videos for signs of people staying thin, wrinkle-free and maybe catch some glimpses of secret lake plunges.  Thinking you should all watch too.

Here’s The Polar Plunge




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  1. Fabulous share with provocative questions. ~~smile.
    Appreciate the mention, Nancy. Thank you.
    Year and years ago I used to join a New Years Water Ski (No Wet Suits) in So-Cal.
    I have wrinkles today and….

    • How cold was that water in Southern California? Is there a difference in the secrets of lake water and Pacific Ocean water? Lol.
      Thank you for sharing and commenting.
      God Bless you, Chuck.

  2. Love the humor, Nancy. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Diane. There is never a dull moment around this house. Lol!
      God Bless You,

  3. That’s a good way to live. The more fun and laughter the healthier and happier we will be. God bless.

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